RANT: The Sonic "fanboys"

(Sighs), why I am even doing this?
Hello people, I am Drawbox and after reading several YouTube comments I've decided to make a post about Sonic's "fanboys".
Also, keep in mind that a fan isn't the same thing as a fanboy. Fans are people who like the series and admire and respect it, while a fanboy is a person who is obsessed with the series and hates on people who don't. Sonic, on the other hand has something I call fan-brats, who are whiney and annoying.
And without further ado, here we go.
1. Forces was not bad. It was decent. Same with Lost World, Heroes, and Unleashed.
2. There is a difference between bad and decent, bad means that the game is trash, but decent means it had some bad elements, but there were about an equal amount of good elements.
3. They can't make up their own opinion, they only say that games are good or bad if a trash company like IGN or WatchMojo says it's good.
4. They draw fan art.(not saying all fan art is bad, like the Super Smash Bros comics, but most is just the characters in disturbing situations)
5. They call fan-games better than real games even when some of them really are bad(Sonic Trash Hill) and they think it's easy to make a game.
6. They say Forces was worse than 06. What the freaking hell.
7. Any game that IGN or any other game reviewers say is trash, they agree. Even though they give NO reason to why the game is bad.
8. They say that the characters are stupid, even though most of the Mario characters have little or no depth(unless we're talking about Luigi, Wario, Bowser, or Rosalina). In fact, Sonic is one of the only video game series with characters with development. They say Tails is a wimp for not helping Sonic. Let me clarify, an EIGHT YEAR OLD is a wimp for not helping Sonic. And what did you want him to do? If he did try to help him, he'd probably get hurt. And the same goes for Knuckles, he's not an idiot! The Sonic Boom universe is from another dimension, so the characters aren't the exact same!
9. They don't realize that games are aimed for a different demographic. Sonic Mania is aimed for Classic fans, while Forces was for Modern fans! However, the "fanboys" of Sonic are so blind they don't know this!
And the 10th and FINAL(actually there are way more I'm just listing ten) reason why I hate the majority of the Sonic fanbase is:
They aren't real fans.
They "claim" to be fans of the games, but are they really fans, or just people who like a few games? And even worse, people who hate on Modern Sonic have NEVER in their lives played a Modern game. They hear someone else whine about and they say it sucks! They call Sega stupid for not putting effort(even though you call pretty much tell that they put effort into Forces) they are biased, they disrespect opinions, and are just so annoying! I consider them one of the worst video game fanbases of all time, and the #1 most annoying.If you would like to add anything else you hate about the Sonic "fanbase" please put some stuff in the comment section, and thank you for reading this post.