Top Ten Dumb Things Sonic Fans Do


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21 Keep complaining about sonic 06

Seriously it has been 11 years since this game has been released. OKAY! we get it. the game is cancer please shut the hell up about it.

22 Complain that Sonic's arms are blue

What's the big deal? It is only a small change to his design. Is his blue arms the main reason you hate Sonic Boom?

23 Shipping feuds

You're right. Shipping Feuds has gotta end QUICK!

I really hate it when you say you like Sonic and Sally being together, then there are a million Sonamy fanbrats bad-mouthing at you for it -_- And it goes the same for other pairings, like a Shadouge vs ShadAmy World War III. - MillieTrina_Prower

24 Hate on the Adventure games

Sega shouldn't listen to those classic sonic fanbrats

25 Sexualize Cream the Rabbit and ship her with whoever they want

This is one of the worst things Sonic fans to do and this is why Cream is a useless character. All they do is sexualize her and ship her off with Tails or even Fox McCloud. As a fan of those two foxes who doesn't like Cream too well, she doesn't deserve any of them. Fox has Krystal and Tails has Zooey. They don't need Cream.

26 Combine Sonic with Disney or other classic cartoons

A bad idea for a crossover to be honest, and it doesn't help that Sonic appeared in Wreck-It Ralph, either.

27 Ship Tails with Cream

This is one of the worst Sonic couples ever and it's so dumb for people to ship it. Tails never showed any romance towards Cream, nor did she in him. In Sonic X, Tails loved Cosmo and in Sonic Boom, he loved Zooey. Cream should be with no one.

28 Act like big jerks to each other
29 Turn rivalries into romantic pairings

Such as Sonic/Shadow and Knuckles/Rouge for example. Yes, Rouge has a "crush" on Knuckles, but that's just her being flirty. He doesn't like her back. We all know that Shadow/Rouge and Knuckles/Master Emerald are more likely to become canon.

30 Hate on their own franchise
31 They change their minds immediately

Sonic Boom was considered a bad game because people went "OH SONIC NEEDS CHANGE AND BATTLES AND JFNSIDNEIBDDB" Then when it gets added, they begin getting angry and bashes on it, despite them suggesting it.

32 Insult you if they do not agree with your opinion on the franchise or on something in the franchise.
33 Act like it's a fact Sonic adventure is the best Sonic game rather than simply stating they prefer Sonic adventure over any other Sonic game.
34 Bash you if you do not like Sonic adventure.
35 Act as if their opinions are facts.

An example? Vs debaters - FrancescoBertini

36 Think there is such a thing as a "true" Sonic fan. If you enjoy Sonic or any franchise you are a fan of that franchise.
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