Top 10 Dumb Things to Tell Your Teacher On the Last Day of School

With my seventh grade year winding down, I'd like to make a random little list.

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1 I now know what 9+10 equals. You changed my life.

They're going to change 21 to the answer for that aren't they? - Garythesnail

What a fantastic sentence it tells a lot thank you so much for helping me to translate my emotions

Haha, that ones actually funny, unlike the stupid mean ones. Teachers work really hard, ya know!

This should be at the top: Bye Mom. (Oh the times we accidentally called our teacher mom.)

2 You remind me of a walrus I knew in the second grade.

Hahaa can't breathe



3 Your class was a really good place to nap this year.

But I think the school should invest in blankets for every class chair.

I always bring a pillow and blanket, and my nightlight, since I am afraid of the dark

They should give out free pillows during History lessons.

I'm telling this to my teacher. I know she hates me.

4 Thank you for making this a Shrek-tastic year.

Just imagine if they got the reference... - Garythesnail

It's literally one of the most well known animated movies of all time - 4our2wen0ty

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

Shrek tactic dose it mean shrek and fantastic

Shrek is love Sheej is life's arch on youtube - Lunala

5 Please have a terrible summer and while you're at it, please quit your job.

Prepare for summer school! - Garythesnail

Whoever wrote this is ridiculously cruel.

6 Show me your anus please





7 My prayers go out to the people that are having you as their teacher next year
8 Screw you people! I'm outta here!

My friend was going to do that until she had to go to her church camp a few days before graduation. - AnonymousChick

*wants to say "Screw you! " to everybody... Has to go to church camp

Sounds like she needed church - NicholasYellow

9 Can you please fail me on my state test?


10 I'll see you in Hell!

I'm going to say this to my annoying classmates - TundraTopTenners

Han solo reference

NO I'll Be in heaven

The Contenders

11 Are you pregnant or just enormous?

Wow, that's cold! - Entranced98

Just an insult to pregnancy and obese people.

12 Bye, because I'm having a new teacher next year


13 I hate you

Me to my "favorite" teachers art and spanish

14 I'm coming for you

Not sure if this is a teacher s*x joke or the student is gonna murder the teacher. - Skullkid755

15 Suck it
16 What's the homework for today?

This is amazingly funny - MaxAurelius

You have a book to read and some math problems to do on page 309

That'd be me, and I would actually do homework and return it to the school...

17 Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from you

Lol...I would never say this to my teacher or detention for life!

Wonderful I'm going to say that to my teacher today 3-22-17

Lol what happened?

18 You like jazz?

Is this some meme question that is dead now that I never found out about? - Skullkid755


19 Bye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy

I'm low key going to use this to all my bad teachers and to my classmates

Bye bye

SPONGEBOB REFERENCE?! - Ilovestephanie

20 See ya next year

For those who don't get it, they'd see the teacher next year if they got held back in the class. - Garythesnail

That isn't bad...

This is actually a nice thing to say

21 Go home, it's 3:00

My high school ends at 2:41

My school ends at 2:55. - sadical

School 7:00-3:00

22 Hope I'll never have to see you again

I have never ever done this before, but this would be a horrible thing to say to a teacher. - Anonymousxcxc

This is the BEST thing that I could've said to my high school special ed teacher!

Should've said this when I could've - LightningBlade

Poor teacher. - Skullkid755

23 Bye Losers!!! I'm going to Florida away from here!!

What if you live in Florida though? That would make it even funnier.

I currently live in Arkansas, but I'm moving to Texas next month.

24 Sleep with one eye open tonight
25 Have a good mcsummer

Bad spelling teacher. Oh it's a mcdonalds joke... I think. - Skullkid755

Oh god. My little sister... - ONHOLIDAY

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