Top Ten Dumb Ways to Introduce Yourself to a Total Stranger

The Top Ten Dumb Ways to Introduce Yourself to a Total Stranger

1 Hey mate! How are you? You look nice. I mean, not that nice, but it's okay. And by okay I mean, you look great. But you should apply some perfume 'cause you smell bad. I'm Jack.

It's like yes wait no wait yes. You smell bad, and then they say their names.

This is one big laugh out loud! Snatched me out, superb! - z7

2 Hello Madam. My name is George, George Simon. I mean George Simon Rutherford. Well, more precisely it's George Simon Rutherford Page. In fact you can better call me George Simon Rutherford Page Wright. Do you want to know my full name?

His name must be George Simon Rutherford page wright smith-jones - CityGuru

You can think how long his real name must be. - Kiteretsunu

This is extremely funny! Great list! - funnyuser

Hey, I want this to be at 1! - HezarioSeth

3 Hello Sir. I'm a boy. I mean, a manly boy 'cause I'm not a girl. Sir, you can see that I'm not wearing a skirt; so you can understand what I'm trying to tell you.

I throat it dead I am wearing a skirt at first

K. You have a good sense of Humor! - funnyuser

Ksusn! I think it's your best list by far! AWESOME! I just love absurd jokes like these... Just my style... #8 was really nice...
God bless. - HezarioSeth

This made me laugh when I thought of it.

Thanks HezarioSeth and funnyuser for your kind comments. Thank you! - Kiteretsunu

4 Hello there. You can see some initials printed on my shirt. These are, in fact, the initials of my name. So why don't you try and guess my name. You have 10 seconds.

And the time starts NOW! - Kiteretsunu

5 Hello! Bye!
6 Hi! Now here I start.... My father's name is Jimmy Dexter; Mother's name- Elza Dexter; Grandfather's name- John Dexter; Grandmother's name- Joanne Dexter; my Primary School Teacher's name is.......

Imagine how long this conversation would be. - funnyuser

7 Hello Bud! It's my first time seeing you. That's bad. And why would you want to know my name. I'm not an interesting person.

I think my brother would say this... - funnyuser

8 Hey there! I'm Mike, do you understand. I'M MIKE, gotta a problem with that. I'm telling you once again, I AM MIKE!?!?

I wonder what was going though that persons mind... - funnyuser

9 Hello Mr. Gentleman. Let's have a cup of tea. About 20 years ago, I was born in a room filled with smell of Rose Perfume and my parents were happy to see me. They named me Jack. Three years after my birth, one night, I wanted to pee my pants. And I did it

I really love this one. - Kiteretsunu

10 Hello Monsieur. My name is Jefferson. I hate my name. So it's now your turn to introduce yourself. I hope your name is worse than mine.

What if your name was... Dave... NO-O-O-O-O! - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Hi. I was Miley Cyrus' fashion designer on her video "Wrecking Ball"

And then he gets kicked in the nuts. - PositronWildhawk

12 Hi there, I am a noob I am a boy I think, but I am wearing a skirt because I ate all the pants
13 What's your good name? Although I bet it's not half as good as mine.
14 Hi. My name is Jenjiahwentorjantiosetyrenomcrapendom. Wanna take a spelling test? Let's start with my name.
15 Hi! I'm (insert name). Now go away!
16 Yo, I'm (insert name). Let's do the Gangnam Style!
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