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1 Human Human Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.

Only an organism as stupid as humans would collectively shun its own capacity for intelligence and ingenuity in favor of entertainment and laziness, would allow itself to invent and subscribe to the concept of racial differences within its own species in order to justify violence, would actively try to kill other members of the same species instead of finding a way to meet everyone's basic needs, would continue to breed when living in a situation where it has not the resources to survive, would invent religion as another means to justify violence against other members of the species, would favor greed over truth, would collectively look the other way when its own species was responsible for actively destroying the only feasible home it has within several digits of light years, would angrily and aggressively defend its decisions to do these things even when evidence of how foolish they are is presented, would become so fearful of potentially being wrong and having to grow and change ...more

We build only to destroy. Everything we touch gets worse. We print money on trees we need to breath. We eat meat and vegetables while we destroy the ecosystem we need for them to exist. You say cows don't drive? Cars destroy the air we breath and the land we live on. You say sheep don't go to school? School is an institution we use to make people feel as if they know enough, without ever teaching them to question whether what they're told is true. Besides both of the animals you've mentioned we created from wild versions of themselves. They only exist because we use them for our own greed. I would prefer to be a Dolphin or a Grizzly Bear. At least then I'd know my purpose for this planet. The planet would need me to exist for ecosystem I'm apart of to be balanced. Humans have lost their place and are now a self-harming cancerous cell that only continues to destroy everything it will wish for in the future.

You realize we ARE the smartest animals on earth, and that that is NOT debatable!?! - EliHbk

Humans are only dumb depending on how you look at them. We humans are intelligent for our capability to learn so much information about everything around us unlike a typical animal that pretty much only knows that wherever, whenever, and whoever you are, you must eat, sleep, survive, and reproduce. Unfortunately, as powerful of knowledge that our brains can hold, our intelligence our completely ruined by our personalities. We're intelligent for our potentiality of learning, but were idiots for not thinking rationally.

Yes very tru so many shoots evri1 very sad it sho we r bad pepole and get angeree and kilerings manee frends! !
! ! ! ! !

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2 Sponge

Dumbest is synonym of unintelligent, not inactive or vegetative... A sponge is not "dumb", it can't even show any form of intelligence. So how could it be the animals with a low intelligence?

Yeah in definition it's an animal, but if we start including those who can't "think" or do anything more than what their handful neurons can make them do (like insect) it will never end.

Otherwise we could add sea cucumber, krill, any individual insect, jellyfish, etc. without even knowing which one is the dumbest: there's even no way to measure their intelligence at that level... if we can barely call it "intelligence". - jonathan117

What do sea sponges do that can be smart in fact they should not be on this list because they do not even technically show any sign of intelligence so we can't really say that they show any sign of intelligence, so how could we even call them dumb?

I think the real reason put this here was because of Sponge Bob

You know, I was actually expecting lot more SpongeBob comments on this item due to the subject of this list... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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3 Amoeba
4 Jellyfish

There just blobs of jelly-like skin and are so dumb that it does not have a brain, being controlled only by muscles. Because of this, they don't have set instincts or thinking.

There is this jellyfish that can turn itself back into a baby when it is going to die of old age. It often gets eaten by a fish afterwards.

Jellyfish are very dumb they have no brains, are 97% water, and don't even move the only way they can is with the waves.

They aren't animals, they aren't even living. - 445956

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5 Sea Urchin

Sea urchin is just a spiky ball basically


6 Starfish Starfish

Now I see why Patrick is a starfish

Starfish Don't even have brains and one of the dumbest animals on earth

Starfish are just random stars that, of course, have no brains, but they are pretty colorful sometimes.

I found a legit 9 legged starfish in Naples, Florida.

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7 Blobfish Blobfish A Blobfish is a pink, slimy looking sea creature that lives off the coast of New Zealand. Much like chickens, it sits on its eggs to warm them. They are critically endangered.

You may call them ugly but think of this people call bulldogs ugly but we still love them so show him some love FOR THE BLOBFISH!

Blobfish are only ugly because of their water pressure makes that so

I have no idea what that is but its fat and ugly.

It looks stupid and it's name is stupid

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8 Clam

I would hate to be born as a clam. I could barely even think! - RaccoonCartoon

Good enough. Not fully dumb

I love clams they so tasty

They are stupid an a rock

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9 Turkey

They're only dumb because they're kept in small, cramped cages only to be eaten at thanksgiving day. They do not have anything to help them learn about their surroundings. Once they are finally released from their cage to a paddock, they are confused and drown from rain. This is why wild turkeys are smarter than farm turkeys. We MAKE them dumb by keeping them in small paddocks and cages. - RaccoonCartoon

Wild turkeys are extremely intelligent but a farm turkey would drown in rain

Turkey's are so stupid when they drink rain water as it's falling from the sky they are known to drown because they do not have the common sense to know when to stop drinking which leads to death from drowning. Now I think this bird should make it on the list for dumb animals, don't you?

No one needs you and your imitation try of others dude

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10 Dog Dog The domestic dog is a wolf-like canid in the genus Canis, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.

Dogs are by far not the most intelligent animals. Humans are unable to see their limited intelligence simply because of their personal attachments, which are purely instinctive. There are plenty of animals far more intelligent than a dog, whose memories can last them five minutes. They are unable to solve complex cognitive puzzles like a parrot or crow and simply lack the intelligence displayed by even other mammals. Don't let your biases come in the way of reality and the reality is, though no tetrapod should really be on this list, considering there are 2,500 species of coral, dogs do not deserve any sort of high ranking of intelligence, regardless of attachments or your bindings to their cuteness.

Doges are the 7th smartest animals. who ever put this up is a twisted twit! I am only 10

They are actually highly intelligent. - Goatworlds

I think they are very smart but why would u say that they are dumb

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11 Pandas

Animals have their reasons to kill their babies. Some animals aren't able to take care of babies because they will become a target. It's not like animals can just go to an adoption centre and donate their kids or something. The only way they can get rid of their kid is to kill them. Killing their own kids is the only way they can do it. Besides, humans kill their own babies ALL THE TIME. Don't hate on other species for killing their babies for actual reasons while humans kill their babies because they're crazy. - RaccoonCartoon

I don't care what anyone says, they are adorable and to the person who said the mom kills the child, they are capable of NOT killing them you know. And if bamboo is the source of their stupidity, how can you blame them for what they like eating. It is like people. If you like cheeseburgers, then that makes you fat. Don't eat them. But you like them right? Exactly

I must defend these animals! Pandas are beautiful creatures. They do not kill there young just to kill them. They know that they are not capable of protecting and caring for two or even three! Humans do a somewhat same thing ABORTION! These animals might not be the the smartest creatures but they do have a means of survival when it comes to themselves and their young

All they do is eat bamboo and are very slow. They are incredibly bad at dodging predators.

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12 Sheep Sheep The sheep is a quadrupedal, ruminant mammal typically kept as livestock. Like all ruminants, sheep are members of the order Artiodactyla, the even-toed ungulates.

Sheep actually are quite intelligent. Researchers have found that they have very good memories.

This one drives me crazy, Sheep are actually pretty intelligent according to some study's and have gone through tests and have actually been proven to be more intelligent than rats

They have no form of defense, gets killed just one bite on the neck by a wild canine, cannot fight at all has make them an unintelligent animal species.

But there so cute

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13 Mosquito Mosquito Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .

Tell your children, every time you kill one an angle will gets its wings.

Mosquitos are annoying little pesky insects

They actively seek out humans only to get themselves killed.

They're so dumb, but most bugs are. - RaccoonCartoon

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14 Dodo

They are not dumb... They are just friendly and they where not afraid of humans.

They just didn't know people were about to shoot them like if a person pointed a waffle at you you would not to anything plus they can't fly well and we're slow

There not dumb they couldn't fly away from the people

They eat rocks rocks

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15 Chicken Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

The only smart thing it can do is know they are in the mirror. Everything else they do is extreme dumbness

You can say it's dumb, but yes it could be look dumb, but they mostly intelligent than the dinosaurs. Just depend to the evolution.

They are pretty stupid.

There dinosours idiot

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16 Donkey Donkey

Donkeys are awesome...

Donkeys are so lazy and stubborn.

Donkeys are extremely intelligent they have very good memories

Donkeys are smart. This is why breeders made mules. - RaccoonCartoon

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17 Horse Horse The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae, and can be tamed, bred, and trained, as a mount.

They're walleyed, and will eat until they die if they get hold of an unlimited food source. They stand around in their own poop, and are too dumb to destinguish a slight breeze from a grizzly bear, resulting in the majestic beast throwing their unfortunate rider/food source from their backs in the process of saving their own skins. They lack intelligence on all levels. The seemingly deep and tear-filled look in their eyes is not the result of their mourning for freedom and the love of man. They're just to dumb to blink, and it irritates their big stupid eyes.

Umm NO this is commonly believed by many people that horses are dumb but I have been around horses for about three years and I would know horses are very intelligent in fact they have even been said to have better memory than elephants and do you realize these animals have been used for centurys? Yeah horses are very intelligent so whoever put horses on this list has never been around horses.

Horses are my favorite animal and they are very smart and they are dangers and it takes them a long time to learn but they are very kind sweet and they can hurt you but the are very harmful and once you get to know them you will under stand that they don't like to hurt you. people hurt them to make them hurt you I know a lot about them and they don't deserve to be treated like that.

Because horse are cousins to donkey (jackass)

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18 Tiger Tiger The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.

Tigers aren't stupid. They are the mightiest cats of the wild. They're the cat kings. They're fierce, fast, agile, and strong. I consider a tiger as my inner animal. They are at the top of the food chain.

Tigers are extremely smart and they are apex predators that hunt the best way

Tigers are very smart because they can sent danger from far distance.

Tigers are the dumbest big cats. Their big mass had cost them their brain. - ShadowHusky

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19 Roach

Roach's are actually extremely intelligent. They have been known to swarm Mexicans at a moment's notice. As displayed in Sigmund Freud's 2013 article, "The Roach's are the Mostest", he detailed how they are taking over the world's economy. We need to build a wall before the roaches come for us.

Every time I see a Roach I just sweep it out of the door or sometimes capture them in a tissue and put them in the garbage bin

If they're so dumb why can't I kill the damn things.

So dum

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20 Cow Cow

Cows are smarter than horses where barbed wire fences are concerned. I have on more than a few occasions witnessed a horse run full force into a barbed wire fence get tangled and rip itself to shreds trying to escape. On the other hand, I have watched a cow in the same situation stop moving and stand there until they could extricate themselves without further injury. This would be one of the reasons horses should be pastured using board or equivalent fencing and never barbed wire.

There smarter then even my cat. I like cats but they sometimes just puss around farting. I think eating a entire cow brain increase your IQ. Cow's brain is so good that they distinguish other cows and even humans as well. Humans can only distinguish other humans

They be smarter than a lot of things

They are SUPER dumb! I know, for I live next to a farm.

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