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Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.


Humans are only dumb depending on how you look at them. We humans are intelligent for our capability to learn so much information about everything around us unlike a typical animal that pretty much only knows that wherever, whenever, and whoever you are, you must eat, sleep, survive, and reproduce. Unfortunately, as powerful of knowledge that our brains can hold, our intelligence our completely ruined by our personalities. We're intelligent for our potentiality of learning, but were idiots for not thinking rationally.

Do you know any animals that are intellectually able to make a decision of which animals are the dumbest?! Guys, we voted OURSELVES dumber than a sponge. And we are the most moral, we have pity and mercy unlike animals, however you want to pretend. Maybe we use it in the wrong way, but we are definitely the smartest living thing on Earth. Have some human pride!

Humans should not even be on the list just because some people are dumb doesn't mean they are the dumbest animal. And also the fact that even dumb humans are far smarter than any animal. Jeez people have no pride in being human and take all the pros of being human for granted.

Humans are FAR from being the dumbest species on Earth, just look at all our advancements. We've managed to create sea, air, and space travel, found ways to speed up communication between others, etc. Yes, humans are the most-destructive species we currently know of, but at the same time they're trying to find ways to fix these issues or at least minimize the affects, whether they be natural or man-made. - DaForry

Some things we do are intelligent, like create electronics and cities. However, a tiger is more moral than the average human in a position of power. Genocide, destruction, hatred are all left in our wake, and we know it. If humans don't clean up their act, Earth will become like Venus.

Well I don't even know why this is number 2 because I'm pretty sure sheep can't drive cars or jelly fish can't discover electricity, so I know we can all seem kinda dumb but you know we are the smartest animal on earth and are species has managed to become this smart in a shorter amount of time it took the chimps to become their IQ. Sour please vote something else, because starfish will never walk on 2 legs.

Humans.. We were created for a reason. Why is it that humans (other than monkeys) have 5 fingers. We may not be as tough as other creatures on this planet. But we have the ability to create things that others can't do. Monkeys haven't created any technology. And they have 5 fingers. Why is it that humans have?

Surely the worst animal, the only one able to destroy all the other species, their environment and even itself and its environment. It feels superior, but its intelligence is badly used; so it is absolutely not clever.

Humans are selfish and will tear apart a beautiful world just for there own gain and ignoring all the other amazing creatures. Humans are not the most advanced animal which many say but are the dumbest animal.

We are so stupid! Destroying the only planet in the solar system that could possibly accommodate us! And we think we're so smart with our new technology... Sorry, people, but we are idiots.

Our intelligence is a gift, a beauty. But we take it for granted and it poisons us. We always want more, and there's just too many of us. None of us realize how far a little of our mistakes can go.

Humans are the most intelligent animal in some aspects, and the least in others...

Any creature that destroys its own planet is dumb in my book. Still, there is some very impressive humans out there, but the majority rules in stupidity.

They might be idiots, but they are far from stupid, they are by far the most intelligent animal on earth. - kempokid

We're brain dead. We kill each other to solve all the world's problems and nobody in the world is smart. Animal abusers, the person who crams their religion down everyone's throat, murderers, we're just stupid. 9/11 was done by a complete doofus with nothing better to do. - Goatworlds

I hate that we kill animals and hurt nature we have to kill just to get what we want and also we are selfish and greedy because of it

Humans do not know how other humans behave thus kill them. That's why Homo sapiens are the only species of human alive today because took all the resoures and pervented their sister species from trading with them so the they died out due to lack of essensial that were artificially restricted to Homo sapiens. Due to Homo sapiens inability to be aware of what it's doing, it's preventing other animals from prospering and caused an ongoing mass extinction that started 10,000 years ago due to humans greed and many species essential to the enviroment go extinct as a result. The end result will be a mass extinction that will ultimately end humanity, leave earth enviromentelly damaged, cause a strike in species disappearing from the fossil record, and the food chain will call out the next animal to rule earth.

You're right. Humans take their intelligence for granted so in that case, we are the dumbest creatures on the planet.

We are not the dumbest animal. We are actually the most intelligent. You might not like people, but they are not dumb. - RalphBob

Abandoning child in a zoo... Dumb parents.

They intelligent there the dumbest animals alive the don t know left from right.

We are human we are dumb because we are smart we kill people just for land we are very dumb animals

Out of every human a lot of them are dumb. We have dumb humans like Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler that support the theory human are extremely dumb

Humans are the smartest animals. Have you ever scene a fish build the Empire State Building

I dated a guy in school who was pretty dumb. Can we put him on here.