Top 10 Dumbest Answers on a Support Question Thread

If you’re playing a game or doing something else, there is a possibility you may encounter a bug or glitch you may not know how to fix. So you go to the support forum to find a resolution to this bug. Sometimes, you may encounter some helpful answers. However, you can encounter these stupid answers. So here is my list on the dumbest answers on a support forum question.
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1 “I don’t know”

This is the dumbest of them all. Someone is asking for help on something and instead of giving some solutions, you just respond with “I don’t know”? If you don’t know, then why did you answer it?

if you don't know the answer to something, just don't answer it for goodness sake!

2 “I have the same problem too”

Probably the most common of them all, when you find a bug and ask a Support question, there is a huge chance of finding people that respond with “I have the same problem”. Imagine you finally found a Support question that you’ve been looking for ages and you can finally fix the bug, but it only has 1 answer and it’s this. Again, why respond to the question?

3 “Restart the client”, “Refresh the page”, or other similar answers

Sometimes this works, sometimes this doesn’t work, but most of the times it doesn’t work. Restarting or refreshing will barely do anything. Instead of finding other methods, the only good one is restarting the client?

4 “nudbunainsjhdinsj”, “yay lol”, or anything else random

This is a question asking for Support, not a Discord #spam-channel. If you want to spam, do it on Discord or somewhere else instead of someone asking for help. I know most of these are 5 year olds or trolls, but still, it’s very annoying.

5 “Can you send me pictures of it?”

I know this sometimes can be very helpful because the person will answer the question if you send the pictures to them, but it’s also kind of annoying for some obvious reasons.

6 People talking with each other instead of helping the person asking for support

If you want to talk with each other, do it in PMs or DMs! Do you want to flood this person’s notifications with people just talking?

7 “I think they should fix this problem”

Again, instead of answering with a helpful answer, you’re just not helping the person asking for support.

8 Inaccurate troll answers

This is sometimes fairly common. When you’re trying to fix something, it didn’t work, and you realized how dumb you were for falling what a troll told you to do. I hate when people troll.

9 Advertisements

This happened to me once. I was waiting hours for someone to respond to my Support question, and when I finally received an answer, it was just an advertisement from a no no website. You have several different ways to advertise your things, and you choose Support threads? What?

10 "Maybe"
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11 "Have you tried turning it on and off?
12 Alt+F4
13 Someone asking for support

If you want to ask for support, THEN CREATE YOUR OWN SUPPORT THREAD INSTEAD OF ASKING ON SOMEONE’S THREAD! Its really that simple. I don’t know why people do this too.

14 "Oh no. So, anyway..."
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