Dumbest Big Brother Canada Moves

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21 The Sheyld evicts AJ instead of Andrew - BBCAN1
22 Nick & Phil nominate Nikki instead of Cassandra

They are lucky they got this far. If they had been playing individually, or had been split after a few weeks, Phil would have gone home a long time ago. For some reason he doesn't get that in Big Brother you don't trust ANYONE, especially that close to the end! Poor Nick to have a bully of a brother like that.

They also got lucky that production switched comps.

23 Danielle volunteers to go up as a pawn V 1 Comment
24 Alec targets Suzette

Why was everyone targeting Suzette like she wasn't even close of winning any competitions, the only friend she had was Gary. Alec you could have given rid of a stronger player than Suzette

25 Heather and Neda evict Adel

Correct decision. Maybe not for Heather, but 100% for Neda.

26 Jared doesn't try for the veto
27 Tim throws final HoH
28 Jon gets talked into targeting Arlie

This one would, justifiably, be guaranteed top 5 had Allison won the following instant eviction HoH a.k.a. people are only being results oriented now.

29 Demetres nominates Dallas
30 Gary does not try enough hard to save Cassandra
31 Kevin uses the veto on Ika
32 A.J. volunteers to many times to be a pawn

Almost every week this guy was volunteering to go up as a pawn then it went to bite him in the ass during the instant eviction.

33 Ika Shreds Everyone's Letters

How is this a bad move she was going out. Regardless there was no way to save her

34 The first five and Rachelle backstab Ika
35 Sindy nominates Pilar
36 The house evicts Kat and not Emmet - Big Brother Canada 1

Come on, for sure Emmet would have been a threat, but Kat could have done anything. She may have played too quickly, but she was less of a threat than Emmet. - Turkeyasylum

37 Sarah saves Pilar over Willow
38 Topaz messes up her vote on the finale night
39 Bruno Vetoes Zach during the triple eviction
40 Sindy targets Jordan - BBCAN3
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