Top Ten Dumbest Bosses in Video Games

Video Game Boss That Was A Stupid Idea? Look No Further!

The Top Ten

1 Egg Dealer - Shadow the Hedgehog

SEGA is really running out of ideas - TwilightKitsune

The same Man who blew up half the moon, nearly killed Sonic, and basically held the world hostage made this...

and how exactly does it let Shadow use Chaos Blast?

...My head hurts. - CNSucksNow

2 Spring Man - Mega Man 7

It says he's number 3 because he was originally Number 3 and Duon was Originally Number 2. I forgot to fix it and I sincerely apologize. - CNSucksNow

You can literally MURDER HIM BEFORE THE FIGHT STARTS. The only reason he'a number 3 is that Eggman has an excuse, which is his ego - CNSucksNow

3 Duon - Super Smash Bros Brawl

Don't use Duon as a Boss on the Halberd when you could've used Kracko or Marx!
Why waste your Imagination like that - CNSucksNow

4 Shrowser - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Isn't this supposed to be a final boss? You'd think they'd make it more difficult. - CNSucksNow

5 Carock - Zelda ||: Adventure Of Link

He's way too easy for a game this difficult. Just use the reflect spell and sit in the right corner. He'll be dead before you blink an eye. - CNSucksNow

6 Lololo & Lalala - Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra Lololo & Lalala - Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra

All they do is move from side to side and try to ram you with boxes/spiky blobs that I forgot the name of - CNSucksNow

7 Rebonack - Zelda II: Adventure of Link

They just made this monster easier to kill by giving him a horse. Just saying. - CNSucksNow

8 Boobeam Trap - Mega Man 2

"Here's an idea! Let's make a boss that you can only kill using Crash Bombs, great idea, right? "

WRONG - CNSucksNow

9 Megasparkle Goomba - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I stopped playing that game at world two because I got lost. I do know enough to tell you that this game sucks and this boss sucks. The recommended sticker makes the Boss a cakewalk. - CNSucksNow

10 Hot Mobile - Sonic & Knuckles

They Give You A Shield For This Boss. I'd Understand If It Was Early In The Game Because You'd Just Be Getting Adjusted To The Controls. However, this is one of the LAST FOUR(Five if going for doomsday zone)STAGES! What's more pathetic is that robotnik hits himself. All you have to do is jump. - CNSucksNow

The Contenders

11 King Whomp - Super Mario 64
12 Ash - Streets of Rage 3 (JP)
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