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41 Neither Super Mario Sunshine nor Super Mario Galaxy are underrated or overrated in the slightest

What? Galaxy is seriously overrated! I think Super Mario 64 DS was better because it was a sandbox Mario game where you roamed around an area looking for stuff. Galaxy had linear gameplay. Not a BAD game, in fact it's wonderful, but it's overrated. - DCfnaf

42 Halo 4 is the most oddball game to ever come out of a video game series
43 Earthbound, Mother 3 and Undertale are the three worst role-playing games ever made

Ikerevievs, Enough Said - VideoGamefan5

44 Super Mario World, Link To The Past and Final Fantasy VI don't deserve a place on the top 10 list of best Super Nintendo games

They Kinda Do Actually - VideoGamefan5

Um...I've played better actually. - DCfnaf

45 Undertale somehow isn't at least one of the top ten greatest indie games ever made

I Respect Your Opinion On Undertale - VideoGamefan5

46 Undertale is underrated

No, it's gotten a lot of praise. At least it's a good game. - DCfnaf

47 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is one of the worst Nintendo games ever

NaH Man, that's Why Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble Exists - VideoGamefan5

48 Justin Bieber is the most overrated musician ever despite nearly everyone on Earth absolutely despising him

Really? , Taylor Swift Is More Overrated - VideoGamefan5

Yes. - DCfnaf

49 Another Metroid 2 Remake is one of the most overrated video games to ever exist, to the point of deserving to be on an actual top 10 list for it
50 Undertale is bad because VGF5 can't get past the second level (which is either Snowdin or Waterfall, just so you know)

I don't Completely Hate Undertale - VideoGamefan5

51 Minecraft, Sonic, Undertale, FNAF and MLP are bad solely because of their fanbases

Minecraft can just get boring after a while of playing, but it's pretty good when you play hunger games servers. Sonic is a awesome series, it may have some awful games, but a lot of them get unfair hate. Undertale is also a great RPG. FNaF...well...okay, two of the games are pretty good, but a lot of them have issues. - DCfnaf

52 Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an even worse movie than the prequel trilogy

I disagree, but it's an opinion nonetheless. - DCfnaf

Stupid Rogue One Fantards - VideoGamefan5

Star War: Force Awakens > Rogue One

Rogue One was disappointing cause no Dank Farter Fight. WAH. - AlphaQ

53 I Hate Everything is one of the worst Youtubers of all time

He's Decent, Well I Mostly Enjoy His Search For The Worst Episodes - VideoGamefan5

NO - DCfnaf

54 The main problem with the Metroid series is the fact that its games are too difficult
55 Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night is one of the hardest games ever made
56 Tommy Wiseau somehow ISN'T one of the absolute ugliest actors in existence
57 VGF5 is a good user

Immaturity like this is why TheTopTens is starting to dig itself its own hole. Complaining about users in this manner, whether they have caused a nuisance on here in your eyes or not, makes you just as much of a nuisance. - Entranced98

Aww come on, now you're just being jerks for no reason. I know he's done a lot of dumb crap lately and he mau annoy me, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. - DCfnaf

He is, though he's not okay with the fact that I like Suicide Squad, Zootopia and hate Linkin Park. Take 'EM away he's cool. - AlphaQ

Oh Yes, Fight Me! - VideoGamefan5

58 Pikachu is the cutest Pokémon

No he's fatale looks like Metts, the naked porn addict swinging on rekting ball and watch porn while stripping. - AlphaQ

59 White Is Right somehow isn't even one of the top 20 best Pink Guy songs
60 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is literally every bit as bad of a game as Jontron makes it seem like

It Is - VideoGamefan5

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1. Justin Bieber is literally THE worst and most evil person to ever exist
2. "Luigi killed Samus Aran in 8-12-14. He use a green sun and explode her to death, THAN he use Green Giant flames to make it explode more."
3. Frozen is the worst movie of all time



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