Top 10 Dumbest Claims that TheTopTens Users Have Actually Made


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61 Wario is the worst Mario character in existence

That is the dumbest claim somebody has ever made. HOW DO YOU NOT A-LIKE THE A WARIO MANN - DCfnaf

Wario is better Luigi. - AlphaQ

Wario Is Cool - VideoGamefan5

62 "(insert game here) sucks because it has certain characters I don't like in it"

Lol - DCfnaf

63 Donald Trump did nothing wrong

Liberals added this, no he didn't do anything THAT awful. - DCfnaf

64 Being a whiny pretentious manchild to the absolute extremes is something you literally HAVE to do and not just a stupid decision that you evidently make yourself (Disney1994)

Yes - DCfnaf

Umm..continue your sentence. - AlphaQ

65 Halo 4 is an overrated game just because it was overrated by critics; meanwhile, pretty much everyone else hates it
66 Super Smash Bros needs more stickers more than it needs the Super Metroid incarnation of Brinstar as a playable stage
67 "Rocko's Modern Life sucks; Ren & Stimpy is better, so is Spongebob"
68 Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night's American release has good voice acting (besides Alucard's voice)
69 Minecraft is the best game ever

Um...I like the Hunger Games servers and it is kinda fun to build in, but it's not the best game ever. - DCfnaf

LoL - VideoGamefan5

70 Certain games being viewed as "overrated" by certain users automatically disqualifies them from being on top ten lists, even ones that they very clearly deserve to be on (for example, no Final Fantasy VI or IX on "Best Published Square Enix Games")
71 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the worst game in the series

Really? , While It Is Overrated, Its Still Really Solid And Good - VideoGamefan5

NO - DCfnaf

72 Xeodrifter is one of the top ten best Metroidvania games but none of the actual Metroid games (or Axiom Verge) are
73 Norm Of The North is the worst animated film ever made

It's pretty awful - DCfnaf

It might be worse than Frozen if Frozem wasn't bland and forgettable. - AlphaQ

It Is One Of Them - VideoGamefan5

74 The Iron Giant is overrated
75 The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker is apparently more overrated than Ocarina Of Time

NaH, Its Actually Overrated By Order, - VideoGamefan5

76 Brawl and 4 are the worst games in the Smash Bros series

Brawl is the best one man - DCfnaf

They ARE ALL GOOD - VideoGamefan5

77 Over 9,000 is the best meme ever
78 Invader Zim is underrated
79 Undertale needs more of Nicki Minaj's butt in it

Lol, what? - VideoGamefan5

N! gga, this is bullish! t - AlphaQ

80 Getting your account shut down on TheTopTens is the absolute worst thing in the history of anything ever
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1. Justin Bieber is literally THE worst and most evil person to ever exist
2. "Luigi killed Samus Aran in 8-12-14. He use a green sun and explode her to death, THAN he use Green Giant flames to make it explode more."
3. Frozen is the worst movie of all time



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