Top 10 Dumbest Comments Ever Made

A dumb comment you have heard that makes no sense whatsoever, yet you can?t stop thinking about it.
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1 I know you are, but what am I?

OMG, this is so annoying, if it's a guy that says this to me I kick them in the shins and punch them in the arm!

I seriously hate immature things but this annoys me so bad. It's so immature.

So stupid! Its something my 4 year old brother would say to me when I annoy him!

And the way that people say it, it's like they think they're on to something.

2 Music is getting better

I agree. Most chart music has been god - awful scince the beginning of this millenium. I was born in 1998 and I would have loved to have been born 20 years earlier. Perhaps even 30, or 40. Then I would have grown up with good music. Yesterday, somebody put on the rain and every single song sounded the same. Luckily aafter a couple of years they are unheard of. These days my freinds say, "I don't know what you are listening to, but it is awful. " and I say, "But this is (insert classic rock band here) they are brilliant. " "No, it's crap. Turn it off. "

I can't even say this without laughing. I remember a time where people made music to have their creative voices heard, not to just make money. The only good thing about music today is that you only need to be subjected to a terrible song for a few months, then it drops of the face of the Earth.

How can anybody say this and still keep a straight face? I tried one day to listen to the music my daughter listens to, and OMG, it was crap. Not even good crap, the kind that you smell in NYC on a hot summer day.

Music is indeed going downhill, and has been for over a decade now. I'm glad there have been artists over the years like the squirrel nut zippers, foster the people, and adele keeping things together.

3 So is it chicken or tuna? - Jessica Simpson

Neither. It's my ass. Smart one. People these days... I really don't know

4 Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we. - George Bush

The dude was just a dimwit when he spoke, there is a whole different list of his various speaking gaffes somewhere on this site I think, Obama, Clinton, Reagen, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Even his own Father could actually say a solid paragraph without stuttering. Why #6 on this list was spoken by one of our own Presidents is just insulting to me

So true for a lot of our presidents. The one I can certainly place this with came after the second Bush. I will not say his name because I don't want to get on his bad side.

This is a random thing for bush to say, but I agree with him. God I miss him being our president. So ready for next November. Good bye Obama!

I respect Bush (mostly because he kept us safe after 9/11) but he is as dumb as a doornail.

5 If you think that you're important to us, prove it!

Are those people your "friends"? They annoy you, betray you, attack you in the back, get some other "pretending to be good but actually bad companions" to beat you up in shame. They can't be trusted at all. Those dumb liars don't even feel what you feel. At least I'm saying the truth here, not them.

6 Oh wow! Is that a potato tree?

Yes, that's a potato tree, and there's a pear vine across the street. Oh, and there's also a carrot bush next door.

Oh my! I never realized potatoes grew on trees! Does cake to?!

Laugh out loud! This is funny.

And heres earthworm cake!

7 Fall Out Boy rocks!

NO GOD! NO GOD, PLEASE NO! Fall Out Boy is great! Make fun of me all you want, I won't mind. They don't suck! Whoever made that comment has a bad taste in music!

They suck. The really, really suck

8 Yo momma!

No, not yo momma, not your mum, but simply...
Yer mom!
And this has gotta be the worst come back ever. That's an excuse if you don't know anything better.

I'm so guilty of this... your mum!

It's the most ridiculously annoying comeback that I absolutely HATE

Havnt gon through a week without hearin 'YO MUM! ', so stupid whoever says this

9 Jonas Brothers owns

What do they own? Certainly not music... Maybe some fan-girls that don't know real music perhaps.

10 Are you cutting your hair shorter?
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11 I could care less...
12 Japanese people like to rape or to be raped by white guys.

Until I talk to a Japanese guy and ask him for sure, I don't believe a word of it.
*Spots Japanese man* "Er, excuse me can you spare a minute, please? I'd like to ask you something..."

13 Hey Paul what's your name?

That has to be the most dimwitted comment ever. It should be at the top for totally answering his own question.

Paul, can you please tell me your name? PLEASE?!
Paul: It's Paul.
Oh, that's what your name is...

I do this a lot just to see reactions.
"Hey, Ray, what's your name? "
His answer: "Uh... Frank? I'm stuck. "

I know I have no idea, Hey Paul what's your name?

14 If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator - George Bush

Well everything is easier when you're in charge. If I was incharge I would wipe out all humans but my boyfriend and start over. But that isn't easy for you is it.

Ref. To #3 the @#$%& was telling the truth about himself and his cronies making money out of their evil ways with not even a thank you 2the American

15 Facts are stupid things - Ronald Reagan

Then why are they facts?

16 Who do you think you are?

Well I think I might be me, but I'm not entirely sure...

17 And America needs a military where our breast and brightest are proud to serve, and proud to stay - George Bush
18 I love you, goodbye

I love you, goodbye. Now I'm going out the door into my car and going somewhere far away from here!

19 I hate Chuck Norris

If you ever say this, then, well... Enjoy the last few moments of your life!

20 I'm an atheist and I get incredibly PISSED OFF when someone says this to me. There's no Jesus. Deal with it. So annoying.

Whoever made this comment is now a good friend of mine. Haha I read it on number 18 and got mad. Seeing this later on was hilarious.

Actually, Jesus was a real person, but only Christians believe he's the son of God.

21 If it weren't for my horse, I never would have spent that year in college

Random. All I can say is "random". Random... Random...


Why does everyone at school shout this over and over again? It's so annoying!

23 Why is the toilet seat up again?

Damnit, work the toilet seat like a grownup. You can handle it, I promise.

24 Jesus loves you

@4EverMJLuv That is incredibly offensive. Who are you to criticise what people believe? Did you even think about what you are saying before you commented? 'There is no Jesus'. So tell me, how do you know that? You have no proof he doesn't exist, however there is plenty of evidence that he did exist.

I'm an atheist and I get incredibly PISSED OFF when someone says this to me. There's no Jesus. Deal with it. So annoying.

Jesus exists enjoy that last few moments of your lives I'm tired of people knowing nothing

25 If you love it so much why don't you marry it?

When I was littler I said "I'm gonna marry this chicken." And then I ate it.

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