Top Ten Dumbest Comparisons In "Reasons Why This Is Better Than That" Lists On TheTopTens


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141 Friday > Monday
142 Pornhub > TheTopTens

We all knew this was gonna happen at some point.

143 Frozen > The Lego Movie

Why is this so low? I didn't care for The Lego Movie, but I hate Frozen because of all the singing and the fans always worshipping it as God himself

They both suck, but Frozen is worse

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144 Over The Hedge, Happy Tree Friends, Big Hero 6, The Lego Movie > Family Guy, South Park, The Nut Job, Frozen

Just like with what Nintendofan126 and kirbycreeper999 said what do these things have in common

145 Nicki Minaj > Led Zeppelin
146 Dora > Breaking Bad
147 Pokemon > The Simpsons
148 Facebook > Metal Music

Metal music is far better than FB.

149 The Lego Movie > Frozen

I don't even like Frozen but hate The Lego Movie and how everyone acts as if it were the greatest movie ever.

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150 Pickle & Peanut > Over the Garden Wall V 1 Comment
151 The Annoying Orange > Kirby

WOW. Did a eight year old make that list or what? - GamerBoy

Kirby should suck up The Annoying Orange so it can be wiped out of existence. - Rue

I have one word.
HOW?! - Garythesnail

152 RiverClanRocks > Nicki Minaj
153 Big Hero 6 > The Lego Movie

Let me guess, another bitter Lego worshiper who refuses to see that the mess of lame jokes with a boring overdone plot was anything short of Oscar-worthy put that list here. When will people learn that not everyone lives eats and breathes Legos?

Both movies rock, end of story

154 Breadwinners > SpongeBob SquarePants
155 Teen Titans Go > Fairly OddParents
156 Iron Maiden > Captain America

I think the list maker mistook Iron Maiden for Iron Man.

A Heavy Metal band to a Marvel Super hero is not quite a grand comparison. - htoutlaws2012

157 Donald Trump's Hair > Nicki Minaj's Butt

This is ridiculous. Nicki Minaj is better than Tronald Dump or Donald Trump if you asking me - AlphaQ

What is this :0 - Keb

158 Ke$ha > Justin Bieber

Both suck. End of story.

159 Mitch Lucker > Lil Wayne

In my opinion, they both suck.

This list was obviously inspired by a meme I saw online comparing Mitch to Wayne.

160 Wreck It Ralph > The Lego Movie

No, The Lego Movie being better is the dumb comparison. I don't care if your house is built from Legos or if the only reason it isn't is zoning regulations- stop insisting on your movie being better than any other animated movie ever!

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