Top Ten Dumbest Comparisons In "Reasons Why This Is Better Than That" Lists On TheTopTens


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161 Wreck It Ralph > The Lego Movie

No, The Lego Movie being better is the dumb comparison. I don't care if your house is built from Legos or if the only reason it isn't is zoning regulations- stop insisting on your movie being better than any other animated movie ever!

162 Phineas And Ferb > Gravity Falls

Actually this comparison itself isn't too bad, it's just the items that are completely stupid. - GamerBoy

163 Toilet Paper > Justin Bieber

As stupid as this comparison is, they at least have one thing in common:

Having something to do with poop. - GamerBoy

First "Poop is Better than Lil Wayne" now "Toilet Paper is Better than Justin Bieber"? The hell are these people smoking?!?! - AlphaQ

''Oh this Scott's toilet paper is so soft like that pop singer with the unmanly hair.'' - htoutlaws2012

164 Gravity Falls > We Bare Bears V 1 Comment
165 The Wind Rises > The Lego Movie

The Wind Rises AND The Lego Movie are both awesome

166 Nicki Minaj > Metallica
167 Sex and the city > South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland show

I like South Park and Family Guy because they awesome. But Sex and the Coty is crap! - AlphaQ

168 Mario > Sonic

At least Sonic is nice to Tails and stuff. He's faster and tougher than Mario. - AlphaQ

169 Trollface > Mona Lisa
170 Pillow > Justin Bieber
171 Sonic > Dora The Explorer

Let me guess, another Dora worshipper who refuses to look at all the Dora hate lists and adds good things about Dora to them? get real, man

No, Reasons Why Dora The Explorer Is Better Than (blank) is the dumb comparison

172 The Garfield Show > Star vs the Forces of Evil
173 Old TheTopTens Users > New TheTopTens Users

In this corner the legends

In the other corner the rising veterans making there marks

While yes it is not completely a good comparison, just though in names that may work, not the best example, but you get it. - htoutlaws2012

174 Video Games > Playing Outside
175 MAD > Robot Chicken

I hate Robot Chicken, but it's not as bad as Mad is

V 1 Comment
176 Sally Acorn > Amy Rose
177 Jelly > Peanut Butter
178 Dora The Explorer > Total Drama
179 Sanjay and Craig > Frozen

Zootopia, Frozen, and Splatoon are a LOT better than Sanjay and Craig, no doubt!

They both suck, so what?

Both suck

180 Gravity Falls, Big Hero 6, Winx Club, SpongeBob SquarePants > Frozen, Dora, Barney

I'm probably feeding the troll, but I'm guessing BTDR or some other troll put this item here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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