Top 10 Dumbest Decisions Made by Celebrities

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1 Sending his laptop containing child pornography to PCWorld for repairm in bristol - Gary Glitter

On the contrary, it was probably the best decision he made in his weird life. He wouldn't agree though. - Britgirl

The fact that I have yet to know any allegations of him being a sex offender, and/or arrested for suspicion of being one prior to the fulfillment of that decision (leaving me to being safe to say that he pretty much single-handedly kickstarted his fall from grace), is the sole reason as to why I added it to the list.

so imagine if he managed to enjoy being a beloved entertainer in his birth country until his death, if his crimes has never came to light for the rest of his life, just like jimmy saville.

2 Interrupting Taylor Swift at an MTV VMA 2009 - Kanye West
3 Turning Down The Lead Role in Pretty Woman - Molly Ringwald
4 Turning Down The Lead Role in Forrest Gump - John Travolta

Good thing he did. - Tia-Harribel

What!...the fever from saturday night consumed his brain... - Ananya

5 Turning down the role of Black Widow to star in Gulliver's Travels- Emily Blunt

She didn't exactly have a choice,she was obligated by her contract to Fox. - Tia-Harribel

6 Going on a racist meltdown towards black hecklers - Michael Richards
7 Writing on the guest book of anne frank house that he hoped that anne frank "would've been a belieber" - Justin Bieber
8 Declaring bankruptcy - Nicolas Cage
9 Giving his money to bernie madoff - Kevin Bacon
10 Telling people on Twitter to meme him, amidst his sexual abuse allegations - Bill Cosby

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11 Supporting Ron Paul in 2011 amidst the discovery of Ron Paul's own racist and anti-Semitic newsletters - Kelly Clarkson
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