Top 10 Dumbest Decisions Made by Nintendo


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1 Not buying Rareware Not buying Rareware

Why do you think this was a dumb decision? Rare's Nintendo AND Microsoft works were both good, and all consoles deserve respect. Sometimes things come and go, and we just have to learn to adapt to new times.

I also never understand why people want Conker's Bad Fur Day to be part of Nintendo when that game is actually a reason that Rare ditched Nintendo and got bought out by Microsoft, and yet, people treating that decision like it's the worst ever. What?

Some things happen, and there is nothing we can do about it.

2 Virtual Boy
3 Breaking up with Sony

Not only that but they unintentionally helped Sony create one of their greatest competition The PlayStation. - egnomac

4 Wii U
5 Teaming up with Philips
6 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Let's hope switch is better

7 Sticking with Cartridges for the N64

And it really hurt them in the long run. - egnomac

8 Taking down Pokemon Uranium
9 Nintendo 64 DD
10 Censoring blood in Mortal Kombat

Not as bad as that bizarre censorship of Tharja in Fire Emblem Awakening.

The Contenders

11 Not having Krystal to be the next fighter in Super Smash Bros.

I hope Krystal will appear as a playable fighter in the next game. She deserves it, especially being one of the most requested characters.

12 Caring more about money than quality

Please, don't let Nintendo be like Disney, or worse, be bought out and part of Disney.

13 Rivaling Sega in the 90s

Even more shocking they're allies now!

14 Not adding GBA games to the 3DS virtual console

It proved to be capable.

15 Cancelling their Harry Potter games

Harry Potter games by Nintendo would have been AWESOME!

16 Discontinuing The NES Classic

I know it's restocking soon, but that shouldn't have been a problem in the first place.


17 Not Putting GBA Games On Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
18 Taking a Hardline Against YouTubers/Streamers
19 Cancelling the SNES-CD

In the early 90s, Nintendo partnered with fellow Japanese tech company Sony Computer Entertainment to create a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo called the SNES-CD. They would eventually show off the collaboration at the 1991 Consumer Electronic Show, where it received a very positive response, but only a day later, Nintendo announced that they were ditching Sony in order to partner with Philips instead. This would turn out to be one of Nintendo’s gravest mistakes, as their decision not greatly damaged their relationship with Sony, but actually pushed Sony to create a gaming console of their own, which would eventually become the PlayStation.

20 Pricing the 3DS too high
21 Fighting with Developers
22 Letting Disney make a Mario movie
23 WAY too many DS models
24 GameCube CDs

They were only HALF of the size of a normal DVD.

25 Friend Codes
26 Adding TWO Zelda games to the N64 and GameCube

I was alright with OOT and TWW, but NOPE! Zelda just HAD to have 2 games on each console.

27 Cancelling Metroid Prime 4 (Wii U)
28 Censoring Mortal on Kombat for The Super NES Censoring Mortal on Kombat for The Super NES
29 The Space World Zelda Tech Demo
30 Abandoning Core Gamers
31 Players Needed a Phone for Splatoon's Voice Chat
32 The Removal of Mario's Mexican Alt
33 The Star Fox Zero Debacle
34 Sticking with Ash for the Entire Pokemon Anime
35 The Lack of Second Party Development
36 Forgetting About Underrated Games on Their Consoles

I want Drawn to Life 3!

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