Top Ten Dumbest Dragon Ball Z Moments

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1 Goku gave Cell a senzu bean after giving up

Billions of lives will be lost if Cell isn't stopped.. But Goku just wants a good fight.. So why not..? Let's give him a senzu bean.. So he has a better chance of killing us all..

Goku is a very idiot - JolteonIsAwesome

Goku wante dit to be fair but Cell doesn't play fair either!

Goku...why just why? You gave up against a super villian who is threating to destroy earth if no one beats him and you just send Gohan in and YOU gave him a senzu bean. OUR HERO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! - Chaotixhero

2 Goku watch Cell beating up Gohan and do nothing about it

Now this was before Gohan became a super saiyan 2. Goku send Gohan to fight Cell, gave Cell a senzu bean, and just watch his son getting beat up to death. OUR HERO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! - Chaotixhero

Gohan was stronger than Goku even without the super saiyan 2 transformation. He just doesn't like to fight!

Why? Just, why?

Goku is cool he beat vegeta
He is not a party poper
He is Goku he even beat all the buu
Goku is cool just the waea he is like
God and marry
And he is cool. Love yaw okoampa-ahoofe
I'm cool too like Goku.

3 Vegeta lets Cell achieve his perfect form

Vegeta you has got to be the most stupidest character I have seen in a anime. Why would you do that? You were winning until you let Cell achive his perfect form. - Chaotixhero


4 Gohan didn't finished Cell when he was weak

Blame this one on Goku. - egnomac

Gohan there was you chance and you blew it just because ypu wanna see Cell suffer a little more. Why do I even bother? - Chaotixhero

5 The Kamehameha beam struggle between Gohan and Cell lasting too many episodes and Cell just loses anyway
6 Hercule taking credit for defeating Cell

All he did was throw 16's head. Thatwas helpful but in the end, Gohan defeated Cell, not hercule! GOHAN!

Hercule...YOU DIDN'T DO JACK SQUAT! And the people who cheered for you was stupid also. The camera man seriously saw you right beside him and he still believes you! Worst...DBZ character...EVER! - Chaotixhero

7 Yamcha lost to a Saibamen

Sabamian are weak

I'm speechless...

8 Goku leaves his family and friends just to train Uub

Goku is a bad father. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Uub wasn't a good idea! - Skullkid755

It’s all his fault I hate you goku but your still cool👿

9 Cell declares he'd rather host a tournament to seek out its fighters instead of blowing up the Earth
10 Goku lets Frieza power up at 100%

What the hell? Goku does so because he would never, repeat NEVER, kill him. I mean, just look at when Goku got biggest strength boosts, when he found someone out there, stronger than himself. Just see, Zenkai boost on earth, super saiyan, etc. He wanted to show Frieza that there is someone out there, stronger than him, so his biggest mistake would be to be a bloody hypocrite.

He wanted a real victory!

Uh...Goku just blast Frieza. This is your chance don't have much time left. Goku just...never mind. - Chaotixhero

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11 The Cell Games - the only people who fight Cell are Gohan and Goku, not really much of a tournament
12 Goku gave Frieza his energy

He killed all the namiks and your best friend and you STILL gave him some of your energy? STUPID! - Chaotixhero

13 Goku's sacrifice to defeat Cell was useless - he just came back stronger only to be killed by Gohan
14 Goten turning Super Saiyan from training with Chi Chi
15 Cell lets the heroes train for ten days so they can have a fighting chance against him
16 Krillin names his daughter after his ex-girlfriend
17 Goku takes months to run down snake way
18 Goku letting go of Radiz's tail

Goku maybe strong but he's a idiot. - Chaotixhero

19 Vegeta beaten up by Android 18
20 Pikkon uses the same move three times in one fight
21 Yamcha quits fighting
22 Goku stops fighting with buu just to give Gotenks a chance

Goku could have beat fat buu that time he was ssj3

23 Android 18 kissed Krillin
24 Goku cluelessly gets married with Chi-Chi
25 Goku asks krillin not to kill vegeta just so he could fight him again

We know it turned out to be better in the end. But it's dragon ball. Everything, no matter how dumb, turns out for the better in the end.

26 Goku didn't take the pills for his heart attack

Goku got a whole heart attack just because he didn't take the pills that someone in the future told him too

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