Top Ten Dumbest Excuses for Not Cleaning Your Room


The Top Ten

1 A Potato Flew Around My Room Before You Came

Referencing a dumb Vine would most definitely be a dumb excuse. (my opinion) - Luxam

This made me laugh - MRniceguy583

Sounds like a Viet Lee comment. - keycha1n

2 I Thought I Had A Self-Cleaning Room

Maybe I'll have to develop a robot that would clean my room, then.

3 A Tornado Took Me To Oz And Back
4 I See It As Art

It will be your thought when this is not in a museum! - Martinglez

Yeah,mom! So let it be! - SamuiNeko

5 If People Tried To Kill Me, They'd Trip A Lot To Give Me Time To Run

My brother's room is messier than mine is and he's 25. - Pegasister12

This statement has a point, though. - Luxam

I've used this one a couple years back hehehe Good Times. - trender2004

6 I Was Too Lazy

My brother uses this one. At least his girlfriend knows he's honest! - Britgirl

The classic way of answering such.

7 Miley Cyrus Came

Her wrecking ball destroyed my room. - Luxam

8 If I Clean My Room, I Won't Know Where Everything Would Be

This is the only one I have tried - Martinglez

9 Homework

This is actually the only one that might work. - nintendofan126

10 They Shot The New Movie "Creed" Here

The Contenders

11 It Looks Fine To Me
12 This Happened After I Watched Justin Beiber
13 My Hair Hurts
14 I Was Abducted by Aliens
15 Dad Won't Let Me
16 I Don't Want to
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