Top Ten Dumbest Excuses to Give to Your Boss Why You're Late for Work


The Top Ten

1 My dog ate my...feet!

There would be some eyebrows raised for sure but I think you'd get away with it. - Britgirl

I should try that. Thanks Britgirl. - MasterJamezZXQ

LoL this made my laugh - Jordansalesguy2392

2 Some of the most random things happened to me on the way to work

That's very true for Britgirl; she even has a list! - PositronWildhawk

3 Chuck Norris told me to be late today

Sorry Boss, but nobody can go against Chuck Norris wishes! - Kiteretsunu

Chuck Norris told me to make sure this goes to #1 - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

And when instructed by Chuck Norris, YOU DO IT! - Britgirl

4 My neighbour read my tea leaves which took longer than expected...
5 I got married

Did you get the invite? You were our best man! - PositronWildhawk

6 I died

"Sorry boss it couldn't be helped..." - Britgirl

Max. giggles for this one! - HezarioSeth

7 I woke up and found myself asleep. Sorry

Maybe out of the body experience. That's superb! - Kiteretsunu

That is a really DUMB EXCUSE! - Animefan12

8 Am I late? Oh haha...How did that happen...?
9 I was picked by the police for speed walking to work...

"So you see, Sir, it really wasn't my fault! " - Britgirl

10 I had to make a list on TheTopTens of the dumbest excuses to give your boss on why you're late for work.

Do you think the Boss would be impressed if they knew what TheTopTens were? - Curti2594

I laughed my nose off when Ifirst saw this

The Contenders

11 Sorry I'm late. I Erm...hehehe....

That's just too Dumb. Too dumb that it isn't even an excuse. - Animefan12

12 I was stuck on the toilet and ran out of paper.

"And I had to yell at the top of my lungs so my husband can go to the store and get me some. After he came home, my butt was sore so I laid in bed for an hour and then I fell asleep foe 3 hours, then, I drank some coffee and then, I found myself late. - funnyuser

13 I was coming to work earlier than usual when suddenly a black hole sucked me in
14 My wildebeest bit me and its poison made me walk slow
15 I was busy banging your wife

Wait, what if your boss is a female?

16 My mother was bitten by a rabid vampire mosquito
17 I dreamt I was building the Great Wall of China and didn't finish until 3 pm
18 I dreamt that I was fighting Chuck Norris. When I woke up I was unable to stand up, so I called 911.
19 I am not late, I am your father
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