Top 10 Dumbest Fashion Statements

Ever seen someone with their underpants hangin' out? S'called 'busting a sag'. Yeah, I know.

The Top Ten

1 Sagging

Because showing everybody your Spiderman undies is cool.

Take away the g and spell it backwards...

2 Heels

Have you ever tried walking with stilts? Then try high heels.

3 Gauged Ears

Come on. That's just gross.

4 Piercings

Great. Now you look like a TOTAL delinquent.

5 Toe Rings

Riiight. Because everybody enjoys staring at feet.

6 Bandanas

"Police, there are delinquents outside my house wearing 'gang colors'."

7 Crocs

These are honestly just funny.

Almost no one likes crocs. - Pegasister12

WHAT ARE THOSE! lol - Pegasister12

8 Parachute Pants

"Do these have a practical use? "
"Then why-"

9 Fedoras

Honestly, I'm just running out of ideas, and I REALLLY don't like fedoras.

10 Furs

Expensive, and the only thing it tickles is your nose.

The Contenders

11 Bagel Head
12 Beats by Dre

Very pricey your not paying for sound and quality. Your paying for fashion and the name.

13 Tattoos

Maybe ok if you're young but when you will be 60 years old it will look ridiculous on you.

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