Dumbest Infomercial Products

Almost every infomercial product on Earth is stupid, but there are the ones that stand out.

The Top Ten

1 Snuggie

! This is the worst idea ever! If you are so cold, why not just wear a sweater and pants? A snuggie does nothing god for you that you can't do already.

LMFAO, my auntie accidently gave me one of these and I used it for a robe after my swimming, LMAO... and aiden... LMAO - SmoothCriminal

This dude was so stupid... turning a backwards robe into a product was kinda genius. Good ol' capitalism for ya. - fireinside96

to me it seems like a friekin k outfit. and a dumb robe backwards. I'm just saying. its creepy!

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2 Paperoni

A lot of people haven't seen this, but if you have, you'll know it is the dumbest infomercial ever. - raspberry714

3 Bendaroos
4 Shamwow

I don't really hate this product-- I just hate the spokesman. - raspberry714


5 GloDoodle
6 iRenew

This is such BS. It's a bracelet... and it supposedly gives you a lot of energy. What is the science behind that? - thunder850

7 PedEgg

I have come extremely close to throwing up during this commerical. Gross. Gross. Gross!

the commeircial is disguisting

8 Slap Chop

"You're gonna love my nuts" - xandermartin98

9 3D Bubbles

With 3d glasses, they are 3d! Wait... - cheesemaster

10 Bumpits

The Contenders

11 Riddex Plus
12 Spongetech
13 Big Top Cupcake

A 59.99 dollar value and you can get it for 9.99 come on!

14 Wonder Hanger
15 Shake Weight
16 Happy Hot Dog Man

A stencil that cuts a hotdog into weirdly shaped man. What is wrong with our generation?

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