Top 10 Dumbest & Insane Things to Do When a Man Dressed Up as a Gnome Walks by

A tribute to keemstar and his broken garden gnome relatives.

The Top Ten

1 If he's a midget, ask him if he is a real gnome

All acts that this list says is not recommendable to do and these acts are only suitable for me. If you're going to do these, you better be prepared in court and facing me - RedAce66

The topic of the list is so specific lol. - AnonymousChick

2 Hit his head using a shovel and bury his body with his head exposed in front of your lawn

Or you could sell him to get a quick buck at eSlave - RedAce66

3 Take a photo of him with flash on and make memes about it in front of him

"What do you call a gnome? Jews..." *laughtrack plays* - RedAce66

4 Give him a beardjob

For those who want to learn the arts of beardjob. Beardjob is anal sex but it's on someone's beard and I make this up - RedAce66

5 Make a full mockumentary about his daily work in strip clubs and constantly make fun of his beard throughout the mockumentary

We present you... The Gnome Who Works As a Big Sl** - RedAce66

6 Dress up as a gnome and confess your love for him and read a poem about the length of your beard and proceed to lick his beard as if it is an ice cream
7 Kidnap him and tie him up in public as a proof gnomes exist

Ya see? They ARE real... - Britgirl

8 Ambush him and hold him at gunpoint and force him to make daily news on the Internet against his own will

That explains the origin of keemstar - RedAce66

9 Tell him that he reminds you of that robber who killed your parents in an alley

It is obvious that gnomes are behind Batman's parents death, amirite? - RedAce66

10 Tell him a joke about a soft, pointy and a very long nose

These penis jokes are raping me in the inside - RedAce66

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