Top 10 Dumbest Inventions Ever


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1 Toilet Golf

The ball might end up in the loo! This is the second worst invention apart from the tomato feeder. The tomato feeder is a stupid machine you attach to your neck while your running. The idea is that tomatoes give you energy, but they just hold one tomato and hover it near your mouth every time you take a step! It makes a horrible noise too. Toilet golf is almost as bad!

If I ever I play toilet golf, I won't be able to look golf in the same way. - Kiteretsunu


I saw this online it's very weird - kittylitature2

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2 USB Pet Rock

I thought the pet rock was a lame toy of the 1970s, possibly an embarrassment to 70s kids who had a pet rock.

This does absolutely nothing. - Garythesnail

Help is my pet rock dead?
Well my pet rock didn't move and before it happen my pet rock move when I push it with my butt.
My pet rock stares at me like "What the fudge? Did you get a degree on that? "
And he lived to 69 years old
And please help help help HELP! My pet rock is more importnat than people dying in Somalia
And also please e-mail me so I can tell that my pet rock isn't dead - CerealGuy

3 Wigs for Cats

I've had the misfortune of seeing cats with these. I can stand them as much as the cats wearing them can, which is not at all. - PositronWildhawk

4 Steering Wheel Laptop Desk
5 The Shoe Umbrella
6 Air Condition Shoe

Or the shoe that displays Twitter messages. - funnyuser

7 The Baby Mop
8 The Walking Sleepingbag
9 Cigarettes Cigarettes

At least shoe umbrellas don't mess up your lungs real bad.

10 The Hat Wig

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11 Selfie Stick

What a joke. Only rabid 13 year olds will use this

12 Homework Homework

Scientifically proven 2 be pointless

13 Fidget Spinners
14 The TV Hat Personal Theater
15 Diet Water
16 Life Alert
17 The Car Exhaust Grill
18 Shopkins
19 Banana cutter
20 iPhones
21 Social Media
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