Top Ten Dumbest Life Hacks

You know your life sucks when you find a life hack that isn't even remotely a hack. Well, I'm going to give you a life hack and that is to stay away from those on this list and get a life!

The Top Ten

1 Cur the bottom half of the cupcake and put it up top so you can eat it like a sandwich

People did this in my elementary school

My cousins and sister does this. I want to as well but I have to restrict my sugar intake so my dreams of doing this are crushed :(

Now every time I eat a cupcake the normal way people are like "YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! " - TopTenHQ

I always do this - PatrickStar

2 Eat an apple from top to bottom to eat the entire thing

The reason I don't do this is because I'm not a horse

You are actually meant to eat the whole thing...

3 Use a string to cut cheese

The idea of a wire never sounded sanitary to me. - PositronWildhawk

4 Use a needle to cut the whole banana without peeling it

First of all you idiots, this is used as a prank for somebody who can fall victim and cry

Who will waste so much of time!? - Ananya

5 Cut a thin rectangle shape on a toilet paper roll to fit it on your phone as a speaker

This doesn't even work!

6 Use a coin to stub it on the watermelon, drag it around the watermelon and karate chop it

I really don't know what it means to use a coin to stub a watermelon then drag it around while karate chopping it.

I did this, it TOTATLLY WORKS

7 Peel the banana at the other end

It stops the stringy bits. It actually does make it less frustrating to eat the banana.

8 Use a sheet to any drink bottles and leave it in the fridge to have a cold drink
9 Dispense a tic tac using the lid
10 Put a pancake mixture into a ketchup bottle

I honestly don't know what to make of this list.

But it's still hilarious. - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 If you have cold food just put it in the microwave to heat it up

This is not even a hack, lmao - TheMinecraftGamer

12 Put your phone in a bowl to make the alarm louder

A lot of bowls do not work like that

Uhhh... It's much easier to wake up is the alarm is right in your bed

13 Hack into someones iPhone using facetime
14 Put on fresh makeup before you go to bed so you won't have to in the morning
15 Use lemon juice to get rust off of metal things
16 Use a hair comb to brush the lint of your shirt
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1. Cur the bottom half of the cupcake and put it up top so you can eat it like a sandwich
2. Eat an apple from top to bottom to eat the entire thing
3. Use a string to cut cheese


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