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21 Best 30 Seconds To Mars Songs

I've only heard 1 song by them and felt suicidal. - ArpstaAmy333

22 Best 8 Minute Songs by Metallica or Guns n' Roses

How the hell do you get a list on this subject?!?! Absolutely pointless! - PositronWildhawk

23 Worst Things About the List Worst Users of the Top Tens
24 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola

That's pointless...you should hate ebola and love adventure time! Marcy is delightful

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25 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With The Stinkiest Farts
26 Top 10 Things Most Liberals Believe
27 Best Insults
28 Top Ten Ways to Kill Justin Beiber

While I dislike Justin Beiber, I think this list is stupid and pointless.

I made this list cause no one made it yet. It was the first of its kind so go ahead and blame me for starting the Ways to Kill trend - bobbythebrony

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29 Top Ten Reasons Not To Get A Job

So what are you gonna do without a job? Sleeping on the streets and be a hobo? Huge NO! - MChkflaguard_Yt

30 Top Ten Ways Sanjay and Craig is Better Than Pokemon
31 Most Satanic Bands

3/4 of the bands on this list are not Satanic - DoroExploro13

32 Top 10 Reasons Why Christianity is Terrible
33 Top 10 Reasons Why Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go is Better Than Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

No words can describe how awful and cringe-worthy this list is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

34 Top Ten Things Some Liberals Get Offended Over
35 Best Web Hosting Companies
36 Best Male Celebrities for Giving Driving Lessons
37 Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Gay/Lesbian
38 Best Rihanna Songs
39 Top Ten Most Disturbing Genuine Quotes from Semen-based Recipe Books
40 Best Jackie Evancho Songs

All of them are the worst of the worst. - SelfDestruct

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