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1 Brawl in the Family Brawl in the Family

Nobody wants to see the whole loud family fight for 11 minutes - YoshiApple

Yeah, especially if it is a stupid fight like the one in this episode - Spongehouse

This is the dumbest episode of TLH in my humble opinion - Spongehouse

2 Cheater by the Dozen Cheater by the Dozen

This episode was super dumb because they actually thought Bobby was cheating on Lori, Which is something Lori might do but I do not think Bobby would - Spongehouse

3 Green House Green House
4 No Such Luck No Such Luck

An awful Lincoln torture episode. Its one of my least favorite episodes of the loud house. I really hate Lynn in this episode. She tells everyone that he is bad luck because Lincoln was at her baseball game and lost and everyone actually believes her ( including Lisa and their parents) everyone starts to ignore him and kicks him out of his room because THEY can't RISK IT. That is the worse excuse I have ever heard of. He can't even be in his own house. Lincoln then dresses up as the baseball team's mascot and Lynn's team won and what did we get for an ending? Lincoln had to be tortured even more by wearing the stupid squirrel costume for good luck. What was the moral of this episode? Your family will appreciate you for good luck if you wear a squirrel costume. If Lynn and the rest of Lincoln's family could apologize for what they did to him and give us a good moral like don't believe in superstitions for an ending, that could save the entire episode. If you didn't know this episode ...more - YoshiApple

Lincoln should leave the Loud House and move in with the Hey Arnold cast!

Awful episode, awful show - 445956

Lincoln torture.

5 L is For Love L is For Love

I don't get why kid shows have to touch on difficult subject matters. Really loud house. Do you really want us see characters being gay IN A KIDS SHOW ON NICKELDEON. Its fine if it were shows like family guy or south park. BUT REALLY THE LOUD HOUSE. WHAT WAS CHRIS SAVINO THINKING. WE ALREADY HAVE A GAY COUPLE IN THIS SHOW. DO WE REALLY NEED MORE. I'm really sick and tired of the Loud house breaking barriers all the time. - YoshiApple

I don't hate this episode though Its actually really good. Sometimes the loud house can go too far with subject matters like this. I'm fine with just one gay couple but I don't want any more - YoshiApple

We already had two gay men. Why sexualize a minor by making her gay?

It's ok to be gay, but in a kids show? Just nope

It would have been better if Luna got kicked out of the house.

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6 Come Sale Away Come Sale Away
7 A Tale of Two Tables A Tale of Two Tables
8 Change of Heart Change of Heart

This episode had more blood than the entirety of The Simpsons.

Cylde's noise bleeds are getting very annoying - YoshiApple

Yeah and this episode could of ended it but instead they decided not to and continue the worst running gag in this show - Spongehouse

9 The Sweet Spot The Sweet Spot

All they do in this entire episode is fight over a stupid car seat - YoshiApple

10 One of the Boys One of the Boys

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11 Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice

This ending suck and episode suck luan worst moments in season 3

12 The Waiting Game The Waiting Game
13 It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House
14 Study Muffin Study Muffin

I like this episode but it is kind of stupid - Spongehouse

15 Future Tense Future Tense
16 The Crying Dame The Crying Dame
17 Fed Up Fed Up
18 Snow Way Down
19 White Hare White Hare
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1. Brawl in the Family
2. Come Sale Away
3. A Tale of Two Tables
1. Brawl in the Family
2. Cheater by the Dozen
3. Green House
1. No Such Luck
2. Brawl in the Family
3. A Tale of Two Tables


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