Top Ten Dumbest Misspells on Twitter

Twitter has quite a few people who posts tweets with the stupidity level of Homer Simpson. But when it comes to misspelling, there is not a shortage of these fails. So let us check out some of the worst, but sometimes funniest, Misspells on The networking site of twitter

The Top Ten

1 Barraco Barner

Mis-spells, or Auto-Correct?

I've heard people asking to know what Obama's last name is, but this is insane! Barner?! I would not be suprised if someone asked "What is Barner's Last name? - SpectralOwl

2 Arthur Write This Arthur Write This

Arthur Write This is a back pain that can affect you in your young adult years. Or, at least that is what this person experienced. So Arthur, can you start writing more dumb Tweets? - SpectralOwl

3 Die of beaties Die of beaties

Beaties is a terrible way to end your life. Avoid sugar everyone! Besides, what are beaties anyways? Is that like some kind of parasite found in sugar? - SpectralOwl

I think beaties can kill people - MrCoolC

What a terrible way to go. - PositronWildhawk

4 Chicken Permission Chicken Permission

Chicken Permission is a very mouthwatering thing to have, If you can get your chicken to actually say yes to these foods, that is. - SpectralOwl

5 Coffin Skate Coffin Skate

The most annoying thing in class is when Your teachers Coffin Skate EVERYTHING. It especially can throw students of focus. But I do not blame them, because who wouldn't be distracted by the teacher rolling on a coffin for transport towards your desk and take your stuff? - SpectralOwl

6 Alter Eagle Alter Eagle

"Twitter is my Alter Eagle" But Twitter's logo is a small bluebird, not a majestic Eagle, Or a fellow Owl like me. - SpectralOwl

7 Porch of Geese

Porch of geese is the language they speak in Brazil very similar to the language of Spinach. It's also found on the front of houses next to a pond - SpectralOwl

8 Inspired Milk Inspired Milk

Wow, who inspired my beautiful milk?

Apparently, From What I"m hearing, The local dairy farm has been looking at mind-blowing methods by other farms lately - SpectralOwl

9 Hippocrips

Hippopotamuses are already dangerous animals. I highly advise you, to just Try reconsidering your vacation next time. - SpectralOwl

10 Seizure Salad Seizure Salad

I do not even know what they were trying to say, but I really hope that the nearby Mcdonald's is located very close to a Hospital. - SpectralOwl

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11 Covfefe
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