Top 10 Dumbest and Overused Criticisms of Pop Music

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1 Everyone Uses Autotune

First, you're embarrassingly wrong about autotune, how long it's been around, and who used it "in the 70s."

So you backpedal and say you weren't REALLY talking about autotune, but "vocal editing." Then you claim they're really the same. There is NO comparison between FAKE, and a do-over using multi-track overdub. You play with electronics and think that gives you musical chops. You advocate for the "genre" with the least talent, creativity and musicality, then brag the you have five other geniuses backing you up. Very intimidating.

If you're going to dislike everyone who disagrees with your points, you are becoming an embarrassment to yourself. I think you should just leave because you'll do everyone a favour. - Swellow

Autotune is used to fix up vocal mistakes and off-key singing in songs, but even there, it's misused as some way to fix all the vocals (looking at you, Jacob Sartorius). However, compared to what everyone thinks, it's not used all the time. - Swellow

Autotune is also used in singers of all other genres as well. Most of the time, you need to sing well enough to actually sound good. Autotune is simply a tool to finetune some mistakes. Always remember that vocal ability is only one part of the equation.

It should not be used AT ALL. Fake music, fake talent, corporate-manufactured "artists," meaningless drivel, total lack of instrumental and vocal virtuosity, degenerate lyrics...Pop, for the most part, has never been much more than fluff. But the past twenty-five years have seen it descend into mindless, hypersexualized and often violent trash.

2 No Real Instruments

Just because no real instruments are used does not devalue the quality of music. Most producers do have musical knowledge, and actually do know how to play instruments. To dismiss the many producers who can create something that would cohesively sound great would be incredibly disrespectful.

Thank you for making this list. There are a lot of people on the Top Tens hating on pop music, which I can't object to for most of the MAINSTREAM pop music, but if you dig deeper into the genre, you will find some great pop music. Just like with a lot of other genres, you have to look past the mainstream.

Hogwash. Fake is FAKE. Half the magical allure of good music once lay in the fact that actual, talented PEOPLE were making it. Computerized, gadgety, electronic "music" is simply reflective of a superficial, declining society rapidly losing the last vestige of appreciation for that which is real.

"You know that a real person produced the beats, right? " A "real" person ORIGINALLY "produced the beats," either actually, or electronically (as with a synthesizer). But this was then packaged in software programs and used over and over again. You're out of your depth.

3 No Passion

Some of them don't - Chumbi12

Daya has more passion than the Beatles.

4 It's All About Drugs & Sex

"Sex, drugs and rock and roll" was not a "classic" anything. It was occasionally mouthed by burn-outs (you know, like Ozzie) who had no talent worth mentioning.

Are you a Idiot. Ariana Grande sings a lot about sex

That's Mainstream Rap. Learn your Facts

At least Daya, Ruth B, Bea Miller, and Bridgit Mendler don't sing songs about drugs, sex, money, and swear words, especially for kids who use

5 Overplayed

Okay I actually agree and don't agree with this one. Pop music is overplayed, but that still doesn't make a song necessarily bad. - Mcgillacuddy

Pop music didn't have 8 songs in one rotation before, unlike now.

6 The Lyrics Are Stupid

They have been for a long time. - DieGedankenSindFrei

I love coldplat's lyrics - zxm

7 They All Have to get Naked to Get Attention

Adele, Ed Sheeran, and so many more. If you consider this an argument, you're only looking at the very surface of pop music. Do me a favor and dig a little deeper.

What about Shakira, Britney Spears, and Beyoncé?

Most Asians don’t, as well as: Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Melanie Martinez, Sia and Lorde

8 Pop Stars Don't Write Their Own Songs

Some do, some don't. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Superheroes by script.they write it - zxm

9 Too Repetitive

Choruses ALWAYS consist of a repeated lyric. That's why they're also
called "refrains." Rap and hip-hop, however, are nothing BUT repetitive, and repeat things you didn't need to hear the first time, let alone over and over.

10 All Pop Music Sounds The Same

Who the hell uses this to criticize Pop music? This should be #1 if people do. - Mcgillacuddy

They have variety, but they usually use the same pattern. - DieGedankenSindFrei

So does Ariana Grande.

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11 Only Teenage Girls Listen to It

Sexist and ageism.

And especially TheEvilNuggetCookie.

Sexist! >:( - Lucy1402

12 It's all made with computers and electronics

You bastard! this is real.

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