Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


There is a fine line between stupid and smart, and Hitler (even though I don't really appreciate him) is right in the middle in my opinion. This is just an opinion, don't take this too seriously, but I really do think he is stupid for trying to kill all of these people. He's stupid for trying to take over, and he was smart enough to make TONS of great inventions that could've been used to HELP innocents instead of killing them all.

Adolf Hitler should be on the list of top ten smartest people. He would not have been so successful and nearly wiped out the whole Jewish religion if he was stupid. Although people may think his intentions were stupid, he was a genius. I don't support the Nazi cause I just am stating that he should not be on this list

Why is he here, not saying he's good but he is one smart person was elected leader and took control over the Nazi party and started killing every Jew, made sure everyone was the same and started a war that would end 7 years later, in this time he and his army killed over 12 million people, he is evil and insane but is very smart

Hitler is NOT dumb. He was one of history's strongest dictators. Hitler knew Germans were looking for a scapegoat for why they lost WWI, and convinced them that is was the Jewish population that ruined their country. The moment he got the "pure Germans" on his side, he would go to order Jews to leave this country, and later ordered their deaths. He may have been an evil dictator, but he was far from dumb. If Hitler were dumb, he probably would've never even wrote a book about his hatred of the Jews.

He's not dumb but he is evil so I'm voting for him and when I say that I don't mean I'm voting for him as president I mean I'm voting for him as a terrible person and we will agree on this and make this to number one sure Justin Bieber is annoying but still he could be a number two

Even if he created a huge army that conquered basically all of mainland Europe and Eastern Asia, and he made advancements in military weapons, he used it very badly. He killed millions of Jews! If he didn't go mad with power, he could've made this world a better and more advanced place. - ethanmeinster

I don't think that Hitler made all of that, as much as probably tortured a Jew to make it all for him! If he didn't torture Jews to invent these items, then an idiot Nazi did it for him. He's stupid because he was very racist against Jews. This controlled his life, and made him an dumb, not just insane. - EmperorCales

Adolf Hitler was a horrible person but as non-retards know: There's a difference between horrible and dumb, Hitler was a genius, he knew just how to convince people into voting for him and planned war sneaky enough for people not to notice until it was too late - AnonymousDude

There is absolutely no denying that he was a horrible person. But he was definitely nowhere near dumb. He nearly took over the world! Do you call that a lack of intelligence? - LeiaSkywalker

He sucks (obviously), but he isn't STUPID. Yeah, he is dumb for thinking Jews are evil, but he did have smarts. That's why he was elected and all that junk. Don't think I am defending him, he deserved to die, and I am glad, like everybody else, that he did die. - Untildawn8

HE didn't invent any of those things, Jewish and Eastern European forced conscripts did those things. Also, he is the biggest Hypocrite in human history. He wanted a German state of only Blonde Haired-Blue Eyed people, while being Black-Haired and Brown Eyed.

He should be above Justin Bieber, (not that I love Justin Bieber, 'cause I don't). Justin Bieber didn't brutally murder Jews, gay men, Jehovah's witnesses, and so any more, Hitler did. So if you want to put Bieber on top of everything else, while Hitler is at number 9, you're making a wrong choice.

He is not dumb. A man that led one of the largest wars into movement, ordered the deaths of millions, and was respected by the Germans for a long time is not dumb. He is among one of history's smartest villains. - naFrovivuS

He killed Jews because he thought they were the world's problems, was crazy and wanted his race to be the only one in the world. Then, when he was defeated, he ran away like a coward and shot himself in the head. Of course he's the number 1 idiot in this list! - LaST_LiGHT

He is definitely evil and deserves to be called whatever passes in your mind, but let's face facts. He was definitely not dumb. Evil? Yes. But if he conquered so many places and invented so many things, he wasn't stupid.

Okay. I'd doubt he was any stupid at all. He might've just wanted to fight for Germany. He was a military genius! He even drugged his own men for his country. That isn't dumb, that is just loyalty.

Not stupid he is a hero and an Idol to all great leaders out there. We need more Leaders like him Heil!

Jk that previous thing is obviously not my true opinion, But he is not stupid as he did more for his country than any of our "Great Presidents" can do for ours. He brought Germany back from the Grave and he accomplished to nearly take out all who oppose him. But he did not learn and Attacked Russia (Soviet Union. Never attack Russia.

Well he had little to do with the holocaust it was mainly Heinrich Himler who killed the Jews and Hitler was looking out for his country he only blamed Jews because he wanted to help Germany after the stock market crash of 1929 in witch he had predicted earlier when America started giving money to Germany because they were struggling.

To person who said Hitler "made" all those items. He didn't make them, German scientists did. Hitler chose to NOT use Jets, V Rockets against england, Hitler chose to attack on too many fronts. Hitler is the only reason the Nazi's lost. He's an idiot who if not rejected as an artist would have been deleted from History

Hitler was a very smart man, but he was also corrupt. He knew how to motivate his entire country well enough to commit mass genocide on a group of people and make himself become recognized as a worthy leader.

But he killed millions of people. That over rules all of the great and fantastic things that he did. No one looks at him as the guy who made the first jet airplane or made the worlds best submarine. No one cares about that anymore. - JamiePrice

Hitler was actually a genius. He managed to rally millions to his cause without making himself seem evil yo Germans. Hitler was actually one of the smartest people in history - gunginos

Despite him being one of the evilest monsters in the history of this planet he was very smart and manipulative and made many inventions well for evil.

He was a brilliant man with a terrible dark mind. Though he did have a sex fetish. He liked it when his niece peed on his face. Look this up, it's completely true. Other then that, he was actually pretty smart.

This man is racist, horrible, mean... But not an idiot. He had to have a pretty high intelligence level to achieve what he achieved.