Barack Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.


Ok, hold on, everybody. Now stop what you're doing and READ THIS. Let's stop focusing on Obama's charisma and his appearance and how "cool" he is. Let's take a look at his past. DON'T SCROLL DOWN. Please hear me out. When he was young, his grandfather assigned him a mentor named Frank Marshall Davis. Now, Frank Marshall Davis was a very controversial political figure. He started a newspaper in Chicago called "The Chicago Star." He wrote columns in the paper that were extremely communist and shockingly anti-American. Also, how about his pastor, Jeremiah Wright? Rumors about Wright surfaced during the 2008 Election. He has been a good friend of the Obamas. He married Barack and Michelle together and baptized their children. He is believed to preach that America is the most rogue nation in the world. Not Iran, not North Korea, but America. A conversation between Obama and Wright was recorded:

Obama:You know what your problem is?

Wright:What is it?

Obama:You tell the ...more

I think that the people who make these top ten lists are the dumbest people on the planet. They should be #1 on this list! Who do they think they are to say that the dumbest person on the planet is a man who is trying to actually help people! All you guys are doing is trying to make irrelevant judgments and offensive statements that are not true! So how about you try making something out of your lives for once!

Obama, of course, eliminated Osama bin Laden, provided the economic stimulus for the auto industry, expanded hate crime protection, increased support for veterans, has more people covered by health care, has restarted relations with Cuba, has reached a nuclear deal with Iran which includes support from five of our allies, repealed don't ask don't tell, cut the unemployment rate in half, and has kept our country safe. To find out why all this is bad, consult FOX News or wait for one of their trolls to visit this website.

If you can do better, than you can try being the president. Oh wait you wont, because you're all about complaining and doing nothing about it. Considering he doesn't even make half the decisions the nation makes, why we you guys all ripping on him? We are the people, and in democracies, we rule the nation. If we are dissatisfied with the way things are going, its our flipping responsibility. So vote on your senators and representatives and presidents and do your share of governing this country when you don't like it. - keycha1n

Anyone who thinks this guy is great must love living in a dictatorship. After all, we are now told we have to have health insurance, our kids are told what they can eat, we are told what we can eat, he took our troops out then put them back, let's in illegals from anywhere, tells us we should give up our guns but forgets bad guys have the black market and if they want a gun they will get one, and the list just goes on. He is the worst president and the first lady will never stack up as a real first lady. Can't wait to see this one out of office finally. I thought he would be a good president before he took office and I was wrong because now all we have is dictatorship.

You're kidding, right? Obama got us out of a 2nd great depression, saved the auto industry, brought free health care, ended the war in Iraq, killed Bin Laden, and many other incredible things. Look, you may not agree with him politically, but is far from stupid. Lincoln may have been a republican, but I still like him. There are presidents who are morons, and then there are presidents who belong to different parties as you, that is the only reason you hate him.

Hmm... I don't know? MAYBE he only thinks about him self. He made america worse then ever! He does not know how to fight. He made PUTIN the most powerful person in the world, And Russia and even BIGGER threat! Now Russia is the most powerful country in the world! He does nothing to help other countries instead he gives ARE hard earned money to Other countries! Plus he made america have war with other countries all through the world! He's putting Men on the ground, and only about 50% of them will come back and 15% will come back with no injury! Plus we used to be the richest country in the world with over 12 trillion dollars! Not any more! Now it goes to a small country the size of Florida in Europe! All because yours truly, Your lovely president who is happy to make america worse, DO DO DO DO
Barack Obama! Hello america lets get America exploded by Russia with some nuclear bombs on the side!

Yes he thinks that Russia is not going to lie of he tell them to do something. They have always lied. They have never told the truth. How will this guy make much of a difference? He won't. That exactly my point - JamiePrice

You see, that's the problem with posting stupid comments on the Internet. You're blaming Obama because Iran was holding ten sailors who happened to drift into Iranian waters. Today (1/13/16) those "hostages" were released voluntarily by the Iranian government. Since Obama automatically received the blame, I'm assuming, of course, that you will give him credit for the sailors being released. It's kind of what happens when you make friends out of people instead of enemies.

One of the most gifted orators our country has ever seen and yet he never says anything meaningful. He was like superman during his first term and then went into cruise control during the second. He will be remembered for allowing race relations to deteriorate more than any other president. He's bright, funny and a great politician who wasted his talents. When I think of what could've been as opposed to what happened during his tenured, I'm sickened by the lost opportunities.

I'm writing this on 3-21-16, and three opinion polls today trended the way most have recently, with a clear majority of Americans approving of Obama's job performance. My guess is that people are looking at the 2016 candidates, particularly the clown car on the Republican side, and saying to themselves, "you know, this guy isn't really so bad after all."

Many who voted for him in 2008 & even in 2012 regretted so because he has proven himself to be a destructive, dividing leader of America & this has nothing to do with race as some of his supporters think. He has left our country significantly more poor, more divided, more unsafe, more intolerant to differences in political & religious views, more not respected by other countries...

This is ridiculous, I feel like people just hate him for breaking the standards of White Presidency, which is ridiculous, why can't people be happy with a Black President? Or at least a Bi-Racial Candidate, which is what he technically is.

This is what's wrong with this country. Obama helps people all over, and of course, stupid, arrogant republicans have to make retarded and false accusations. Obama is great, and you morons should stop insulting him.

Yeah, I get it, you all hate Obama, whatever. 56 million people disagreed with you twice, way more than agreed with you. He probably could win again, and don't say he couldn't because you said that last time.

#4? Ridiculous! If he's the dumbest in history how on Earth did he serve two terms in office? Let that sink in. If he was truly that bad of a president, blame it on the people that voted for him two terms in a row, not the man himself! - naFrovivuS

There was a quote from Washington that said "you don't have to be the smartest person in the world if you just surround yourself with the smartest people in the world" and of course listen to them. That has now been changed from the smartest to the dumbest!

When any of you geniuses have written the Harvard Law Review, you'll earn the right to call Obama dumb. Actually, the only competition for Bieber is all you idiots who call the man who killed Bin Laden dumb.

I'm not sure he understands anything about anything. I mean, how much do you need to know to become a "community organizer"? He clearly doesn't know anything about economics or global geopolitics. I do have admit that he appears to know quite a bit about self-promotion. So, my initial statement is incorrect. He does know one thing.

The dumbest president in history, even admitted to wanting to take down the constitution to what this country was built upon, without that there would be no country, so he should get over that he didn't choose what went into and leave it how it is you can't change it. but you are making history by being one of the dumbest people known to man.

The worst scum to walk on this planet, with his ridiculous policies. Arming terrorists in the Middle East and creating unrest everywhere. Closet member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Gets his ass kicked by Putin every other day. A pile of trash that hates the USA. Opening borders to illegals and also letting Mexico shoot at the border of the USA.

I am quite sure that he knows quite well the sum of 1 plus 1. He may know how to walk on two legs or to get dressed in the morning or how to articulate words (on that line, I often listened to his speeches and he does not say much. As a matter of fact my dog can bark far more info than him). Dumbness is indeed a relative term. If he was in charge of my domestics, probably he'd get a bonus, but as a president of US,... He's the Dumbest.

Come on guys, he tries to help people but people hate him. What's so bad about him anyway? Is he bad because he's Obama? I mean, come on! And also, there's a reason why he's president, and it's because PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM.

People that call him stupid are racist. He did so many great things for our country. And, not to be rude, but people in 2017 are stupid asf. Someone told me they didn't want Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president. But, there were other people running for president other than them. You could have voted for Jill Stein. She would be a better president than Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

I'm going to make a wild guess that the majority of people calling our president dumb have never written the Harvard Law Review or graduated Magna cum Laude from Harvard.

Let's steal from the people making some amount of money with a family!

And give it to stupid druggies who don't work because they are lazy!