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301 William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison

When he became president, it was raining on his inauguration. He gave a one-hour speech OUTSIDE
without a coat, gloves or even a hat! He caught pneumonia and died on April 2nd, 1841 WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT!

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302 Richard Jomshof
303 Kent Ekeroth
304 Franz Reichelt V 1 Comment
305 Andrew Morlino

Gym class doe...

For mother Russia

Gym class doe... - Andrew_Morlino

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306 Victor Martin
307 CodyTheKingOfYouTube

Dumb, egotistical, thinks he's the best and can get away with the stupidest lies, this hater doesn't deserve to exist

308 Ammon Bundy

I think this guy tops even Bieber. He's the leader of that movement to protest federal land acquisition in the western United States. Whether you agree with his cause or not, you have to admit these guys are going about it all wrong. They are occupying an abandoned bird sanctuary in the Oregon mountains in the middle of January. F that doesn't tell you all you need to know, they have also alienated the local people and apparently forgot to bring food with them. They have said they are willing to stay there "as long as they need to" which begs the question: Do these people have jobs, or families? It sounds like they probably weren't contributing a whole lot to society to begin with.

Well, I'm writing this on the morning of 1/28/16, and the standoff is all but over. Bundy and I believe five others were arrested last night, and one was killed. I don't see how they can possibly say it was worth it. The federal government owns land in Minnesota too, and it is always well preserved and manned by friendly, helpful people. My wife and I don't graze cattle on the land, so there is that difference. People do have to understand that there are always boundaries that you can't cross to everything in life. If you do, there are consequences.

309 Dylan Klebold
310 Jerry Falwell, Jr.

This religious hypocrite is the head of the Bible-based Liberty University and was one of the biggest opponents of gay marriage for Biblical reasons. Well, Mr. "Holy Holy" just endorsed three-time divorced Donald Trump for president of the United States. Jesus, in the Bible, specifically condemns divorce while he doesn't even mention homosexuals. Divorce is condemned in the Bible at least seven times more often than gay marriage. Might I also mention that the three people criticized most often by Trump's Republican Party--namely Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and president Obama--have NEVER been divorced? Interesting, isn't it?

This religious hypocrite "Christian" just endorsed a three-time divorced man for president of the United States. Divorce is forbidden in the Bible seven times more often than gay marriage. One extremely inconvenient fact for Mr. Falwell: The three people criticized most often by his precious Republicans, namely Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama, have each been married just once and have never been divorced.

311 Wendy Williams Wendy Williams V 1 Comment
312 Christopher McCandless V 1 Comment
313 Mel Gibson Mel Gibson
314 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.
315 Ian Hecox V 1 Comment
316 Kevin Costner Kevin Costner
317 Bart Sibrel
318 Jenna Rose

She sang "My Jeans" which is horrifying. - DynastiSugarPop

319 Eugenia Cooney
320 Lauren Faust

She brainwashed all of the people, making them into "bronies"! - DynastiSugarPop

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