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41 Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. is an American politician and author who served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. In 2002, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Carter Center.

Yes, he stupidly warned us of climate change 35 years ago and we were smart enough to ignore him.

He was looking for a better future Well this America didn't believed in his words

We don't claim him here in Georgia

42 Whoopie Goldberg

If you've voice acted as a hyena in a Disney film you are not stupid... #HYENA

Her name is Whoopi, and she doesn't belong on this list anyhow.

She's awesome. Does not belong anywhere near this list.

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43 Pol Pot Pol Pot Pol Pot, born Saloth Sar, was a Cambodian revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1997. From 1963 to 1981, he served as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.

Sounds like he smokes a lot of pot to win at the polls

Drunk Cambodian should be Punched - FantasticEnder

44 Chris Bores
45 George Zimmerman

Absolutely disgraceful, he was a racist, and he killed a man just for being black on the streets. What kind of a world do we live in that a man commits murder purely based on the color of someone's skin. He did not even know this boy.

If he did kill the teen purely based on his skin color, then I would agree. However, from the sources I've read it is almost unanimous that Zimmerman was assaulted and injured. I believe he fired his weapon in self-defense. That being said, he shouldn't have followed the teen/suspect without backup.

I try not to be judgmental, it's supposed to be against my religion. But if you say this guy is a piece of crap, I won't argue...

The dumbest and ugliest I have ever laid eyes on.

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46 James Buchanan James Buchanan James Buchanan, Jr. was the 15th President of the United States, serving immediately prior to the American Civil War.

He is not stupid he served and made great descions during his time in office the person putting people here is the #1 stuipest person for saying hitler is stupid he made great tactaical moves agansit his enemies

47 Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick
48 Uwe Boll Uwe Boll Uwe Boll is a German-born Canadian filmmaker and restaurateur, whose work includes several films adapted from video games.
49 Mike Huckabee
50 Rick Ross Rick Ross William Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur .

Whoever told this guy he had any kind of talent must have been drunk, as is anyone who listens to the sounds that he makes, whatever they are supposed to be. Please make him go someplace far, far away.

51 George Clooney George Clooney George Timothy Clooney is an American actor, filmmaker and activist. He has received three Golden Globe Awards for his work as an actor and two Academy Awards, one for acting and the other for producing.

Never believed in Him never will

52 Michael Carroll
53 Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow
54 George Lucas George Lucas George Walton Lucas, Jr. is an American filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is best known as the creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, as well as the founder of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic.

He's a genius in general, but his stupidest move was selling Lucasfilm, and the rights to Star Wars, to Disney. Disney screwed everything up. Why? This is what I feared. Disney getting Star Wars. "The happiest place on Earth" haha don't think so. - Discord

How could someone hate star wars

Why would you give your masterpiece to an idiot place like Disney? - MoldySock

55 Flo Rida Flo Rida Tramar Lacel Dillard, better known by his stage name Flo Rida is an American hip hop recording artist from Carol City, Florida.

Get him to the top 20 please - christangrant

He's really dumb - christangrant

56 Hayden Christensen Hayden Christensen Hayden Christensen is a Canadian-American actor and producer. He began his career on Canadian television at the age of 13, then diversified into American television in the late 1990s. more.
57 Skip Bayless Skip Bayless
58 Meghan Trainor Meghan Trainor

She's so obese

Dude she is not dumb now get her off that list! 😠

This bitch is dumb

59 Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress. She is also a model, singer, songwriter, director, and producer.

She does all these bad things!

At first I thought Lindsay Lohan was a boy. But when I found out he was a girl, it totally made sense!

Lindsay Lohan is the definition of a train wreck GET HER IN THE TOP 10 NOW!

very weird

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60 Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.

Not really dumb, just manipulative and evil.

He and hitter should compare notes

Not stupid just VERY VERY evil

Can safely say he's a maln-bitch.

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