Top Ten Dumbest and Most Random Things You Shouldn't Do If You Don't Want to Have a Certain Death


The Top Ten

1 Mess up with Chuck Norris

Man: you suck!
Chuck Norris: Get out of here (kicks the man so hard he goes to space and suffocates. )

2 Attend a punk-rock show with a pink Justin Bieber T-shirt and a cap saying "I love 1D"

This may get a few people beaten to a pulp. - PositronWildhawk

3 Run over an electrified barbed wire 100 meters over concrete with your bare feet while juggling 5 piranhas

I bet you can't do this! - keyson

No way, Keyson! I sure can't do this one! - HezarioSeth

You'd win that bet, Keyson. - Garythesnail

4 Drink sulfuric acid because you're dying of thirst and don't find any water

Haha I agree. Pretty dumb. But isn't this what most people drink on a night out? - Britgirl

Chuck Norris wouldn't die... Death would Chuck Norrize. - keyson

It'll flow out of your larynx. Mummy, I lost my throat! What a to-do! - HezarioSeth

Is it Dilute Sulphuric Acid or Concentrated Sulphuric Acid? Anyway, both can cause death. And concentrated one would cause a really painful death.
And yeah Chuck Norris can do each and every item here on this list without dying. - Kiteretsunu

5 Put your head inside a hungry shark to see how many teeth it has

This one made me laugh, Keyson! Nice, funny list, esp. #5 and #9... God bless. - HezarioSeth

One... Two... Thre... FouOHMYGOD! - Garythesnail

6 Allow Dr. Freddy Krueger to perform a surgery on your body
7 Try to cross the Pacific Ocean swimming

I wonder how long would the most trained person last... - keyson

8 Find a way to Pandora, then challenge Toruk Makto to Mortal Kombat as a human instead of a Na'vi
9 Try to melt all the South Pole's ice just licking it with your tongue

This is funny! Nice list! Laugh out loud

10 Bend over to pick up the soap after you dropped it

The Contenders

11 Test the turbine of a plane when it's about to take off

You're good! You're good! - Garythesnail

12 Tap dance on a land mine

Laugh out loud! POW POW KABOOM! - funnyuser

13 Eat Fireworks

Your head will explode laugh out loud

14 Jaywalk
15 Jump off a plane, no parachute
16 Put your feet into electrical outlets
17 Go to an Ohio State game vs MSU and wear only blue and maize
18 Do the cinnamon challenge

I hate those stupid challenges. - Minecraftcrazy530

19 Look directly at the operational side of the portal gun
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