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1 Superman dat ho - Soulja Boy - Crank dat

What in the hell does this sentence mean - livinglegend

This is the dumbest lyric ever. And plus, I don't see whey there are already two Eminem songs in the top ten? I know they're pretty far down the list, but seriously... In my opinion Eminem is the best rapper, hands-down. But Soulja Boy? "Superman that ho"? No. Just no.

Go ahead and write a flawless essay on this website. The moment you write out the word "that, " it will go from blue straight to red. Way to shake off that stupid rapper stereotype Soulja boy. You are just One. Great. Contributor.

What in the world is that price of crap means, a kindergartener can do much better. - Cobbleborg

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2 Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass stop. - Big Sean - Dance (A$$) Remix

Comment comment comment comment comment stop.

Wow Here We Have The Most Creative Lyrics Of All Time (Just Kidding ) - christangrant

That comment though xDDD

He must've been high when writing this.
Just had down stupid

3 My wrist deserve a shout-out, I'm like "What up, wrist?" - 2 Chainz - Fork

Ok then. Go slit them.

It's bad good

4 She chewing on the d*** like a piece of bubblegum - I Know You See It - Yung Joc

That sounds like it hurts like hell - Mcgillacuddy

Yung Joc clearly thought this was an OK line. Oh, how wrong he was.

5 All she eats is d***, she's on a strict diet - Love Me - Lil Wayne

How? You don't have one.

6 Looking in the mirror like I wish I could be me - Ayo - Tyga

You're already you. Dimwit.

Really reminds me of Me Too by Meghan Trainor.

When you're trying too hard to be deep and just sounds dumb

7 And she accidentally slip and fell on my dick/Oops I said on my dick/I didn't really mean to say on my dick/But since we talking' about my dick/All of you haters say hi to it - Chris Brown - Look At Me Now

Possible Guilty Conscience reference? I hope so...

I think Chris Brown got overly excited about being abe to curse for the first time!

Chris Brown is One of the most disgusting people I've ever heard in music.

Hah wow Chris Brown

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8 Me who? Please boo. Landin' in that G2 same color as beef stew, pure blue, hebrew - Camron

I never heard this song but just looking at those lyrics cracked me up! They make actually NO SENSE, and what the hell does beef stew being blue with a hebrew have to do with anything? - Mushroom99

Sounds like something you'd say on crack. But it cracks me up, how little sense it makes.

what color is beef stew and what does hebrew have to do with anything

Beef...Stew...isn, isn't...bl, blue though

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9 No ceilings 2, no ceilings dos, no ceilings bisexual, that means two - Fresh - Mannie Fresh

Bisexual means you're attracted to both genders, not just "two."


10 If you don't bring back my m****f*****n money or my m***f****n dope, you can forget about Christmas n***a, cause you ain't gon even see New Years. Master P - Do You Know

Only in Master P's little world, does New Year's Eve come before Christmas. - Johannes9

What a moronic guy. Everybody knows that Christmas come before new years. And this sentence shows how greedy most rappers are. They're all a disgrace.

Lmfao this is the dumbest line ever this should be number 1... laugh out loud I'm thinking of sharing this on Facebook... damn I can't stop laughing

I think that these were super good and I'm offended because its 2017

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? I let you feel like you the s**t, but boy you can't out-fart me. - Dollar and a Dream III - J. Cole

Cole is one of the best rappers out today, but this is cringe-worthy and just all around unacceptable. - DaWyteNight

? I'd rather f**k Ru Paul than those ugly a*s Xcape b*****s - The Notorious B.I.G.

I'm convinced that this guy was a closet homosexual. Why would you rather have sex with a man than some women? There are just so many things wrong with this line. - DaWyteNight

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11 You a stupid ho, you a you a stupid ho - Nicki Minaj - "Stupid Ho"

One of her most famous lyrics.

Her writers wrote her this, seems like they were trying to send her a message.

Look who's talking'.


12 Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube - Eminem - Fack

Ok first things first WORST. SONG. OF. ALL. TIME. Even though I'm a big Eminem fan, my favorite by a longshot, this is just a bad song. Every verse of the song should be in the top 30. This line is just plain disturbing.

Again, like my comment on Ass Like That, I love Eminem. He his my favorite rapper by far... But Fack is terrible. Also, he confessed to being high when he wrote these lyrics. Say it ain't so!

Eminem even sounds like Eric Cartman from South Park during the chorus of this song.

Gerbil in your ass? through a tube?

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13 My diamonds they say Pikachu - Picacho - Young Thug
14 "I walked up to a big butt and asked her ass 'butt what?'" - Lil Wayne

This dude seriously needs to go and seek help.

He should go back to 2nd grade!

Worst punn ever

15 "Oo-ooo, boobs boobs boobs boobs Lotta boobs" - Nicki Minaj

What song is this from?

I Lost all faith in Nicki after hearing this!

16 Young, black, and famous, with money hangin out the anus. Mase - Can't Nobody Hold me Down

Keep that money to yourself - preachinpreach

Who the hell would have money hanging out of their anus - 2tasty4U

Nobody walks with money in their ass, only if they stick it in ass.

I like to shove money up my butt woohoo! - LordOfTheOnionRings

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17 Now if I f*** this model, and she just bleached her a** hole, and I get bleach on my t-shirt, Imma feel like an a** hole - Kanye West - Father Stretch My Hands Part 1
18 Ain't got time for chit chat; I'm tryin' to get this money/So get up out my face, you doo-doo head dummy. - Soulja Boy - Yahhh!

"Doo-doo head dummy"? Were these lyrics written by a five-year-old? I'm laughing very hard right now.

The only good reaction to this lyric is simple. Yah!

This sounds just like something he would say.

"You doo-doo head dummy" Definitely talking to himself... Y'know, since he is one! Lol. Okay I'm trying to be funny... I'll stop. - KianaLexi

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19 Finger near a n****'s assh*** like WHOA! - Whoa - Black Rob
20 She has a big booty so I call her big booty - 2 Chainz - Birthday Song

These lyrics are hilarious. How could anyone take 2 Chainz seriously?

Such a bad rapper

This is a stupid lyric so I call it a stupid lyric.

Ahahaaha this is hilarious.

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21 Aaaaow Aaaaow Aaaaow!!!!! - Fack - Eminem

Listen to the song it's disturbing

My dad used to play this song for me as a children. It put me to sleep. Now I may or may not be writing this comment from a prison cell.

The person below is very right.

22 I'm hungry for cheese like Hungry, Hungry Hippo. Project Pat - Ballers

Uhh... thats uhh... retarded. Imagine a "cool" gangster saying that! Its just creepy! - moose4life19

Aside the fact this is completely moronic, It also makes me crave cheese... Which is actually a good thing. Because cheese is amazing. And moose4life19 is very right...

He's very hungry. If he said one more hungry, it would be eating a dollar bill level hungry.

Er hungry for cheese?! hungry, hungry hippo?!

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23 Never let me slip, cuz if I slip, then I'm slippin - Dr. Dre - Nuthin but a G Thang

this sucks . So its suckin - 2tasty4U

I like to drink cuz when i drink then im drinkin, don't let me smoke cuz if i smoke then i'm smokin. Nice to see the Doctor made it past 4th grade - preachinpreach

I just looked this line up on Genius. So basically "slipping" means that a rapper put out a bad album. Due to it's repetitiveness, this line is cited as one of the worst rap lines ever. - Mcgillacuddy

Your not reviewing the lyrics, they may sound stupid but they could have a certain meaning

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24 Baby girl shake it like a paraplegic please believe it - Wiggle Wiggle - Nelly
25 Back it up like burp burp - Lil Wayne - Lollipop

Lol What? Don't you mean "beep beep" or something like that? Not a body function? - KianaLexi

I feel like I should say something here, but I don't know what to say.

26 Hi kids, do you like violence? Wanna see me stick 9 inch nails to each one of my eyelids? Eminem - My Name Is

That cracks me up every time, you could pretty much add the whole song, it's ridiculous

Genius is really helping me with these weird lyrics. Surprisingly enough, a lot of thought was put into this line. Basically, Em was poking fun at how parents will allow their kids to watch cartoons like Tom and Jerry that desensitizes violence without thinking twice, but then place the blame on controversial artists like him when kids start acting out. Eminem references the band Nine Inch Nails (a band that I actually like), highlighting the idea that rappers aren't the only ones responsible for driving the youth to violence; there is also television, movies, and rock music. - Mcgillacuddy

This lyric is so funny! The meaning behind is that he's saying that things like movies, video games, and rock music can also cause people to become violent besides rap. He's using the band Nine Inch Nails (one of my favorite bands) as an example for this.

Eminem meant it like this. Lmao. It's just some hilarious song.

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27 Got your grandma on my d*** - Rack City - Tyga

I literally wanted to lose my lunch after hearing that.

! That is one of the VILEST lyrics I have ever read! Seriously, having sex with old women? In what kind of world would that be considered sexy?

What's with rappers talking about having sex with grandmothers!

Ha, my grandma is dead so she can't be on your dirty little ass thing, gtfo. - KianaLexi

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28 All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe - 2 Chainz - Birthday Song

Why don't we give him that and see how he reacts?

29 She said my d*** could be the next black president. - Lil Wayne

Well, it would probably beat Marco Rubio

I'd rather have Obama than his dick.

I can imagine that...

30 My lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be poppin' - Lil' Mama - Lip Gloss

the above lyrics explain it all, no seriously - Dania0671

Just trying to get My Name Is lower on the list.

Lil' Mama is stating the obvious.

We don't give a damn about your swollen ass lips - Mcgillacuddy

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31 Beat that p**** up like Emmett Till - Lil Wayne - Karate Chop

Wikipedia Emmett Till and you'll understand why this is just an awful awful line.

The fact that there are actually people out there defending this line is just sickening! It really is. I'm not joking. We really shouldn't be joking about this. I really hope that we (as a society) get back to morals and values.

Just watch Pen Reviews's opinion on the line on his list of The Top Ten Worst Hip Hop Songs of 2013. He talked about how serious and sickening this line was.

This line made me hate mainstream rap even more. This had me disgusted, angry, depressed for HOURS after hearing this awful lyric. For those you don't know, Emmett Till was a black 14 year old who was reportly flirting with a white woman, which her husband beated him and shot him. Shouldn't compare a crime to rough sex. - Mumbizz01

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32 I don't got no type, bad bitches is the only thing that I like - No Type - Rae Sremmurd

He literally just disproved his first statement with the second one - Mcgillacuddy

Whack asf he's pure trash end of story - JCchrom3

You clearly do have a type, you like bad b***c hes... That IS your only type you hippo. - KianaLexi

33 If I played guitar I'd be Jimmy Page, the girlies I like are under age - The New Style - Beastie Boys

You pedophile... - KianaLexi

34 Chubba chubba chubba chubba chubba chubbie, I don't have any lines to go right here so chubba teletubbie - Just Lose It - Eminem

I love chubby teletubbies

35 You're more of a bitch than a bitch - Xxplosive - Dr. Dre

Dre actually wasn't the one who said this line, but it is his song. - Mcgillacuddy

36 I go so hard they call me go so hard - Lil Wayne

Tries to rhyme the word hard with the word HARD!

Lil wayne is a lyrical genius... said no one ever!

She got a big booty so I call her big booty.

Go so hard is a terrible nickname. Get the hell out of here Lil Bitch - Mcgillacuddy

37 I ain't neer seen an a** like that, you make my pee pee go, a-doing-doing-doing - Eminem

That's definitely something Eminem would NEVER sing about. Lose Yourself and The Real Slim Shady were always the best.

I've loved Eminem since was two (Wonderful parenting on my mum's part), and I loved this song as a little kid. I still love all Eminem, save these few cuts from *shudder* Encore. But... He was on a whole lot of prescription medications at the time... Obviously

It was meant to be funny, it's not dumb.

Now This is dumb, it's from one of his worst songs Called Ass Like That

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38 Cause I'm the n****, the n**** n*****, like how you figure? - F***** Problem - A$AP Rocky
39 Are you into astrology cause I'm, I'm tryin to make it to Uranus - Kanye West - Gettin it in

I hope that's not a euphamism 'i'm trying to make it to your anus

That's not even astrology - it's astronomy.

Heheheehe. Anus. Hehehehe. Seriously, Kanye not?

40 Ain't a f****** sing along unless you brought the weed along then ju...(Okay I got it) - F***** Problem - Drake
41 My favorite cartoon is Bullwinkle the Moose - Where Ya At? - Shaq
42 I'm hot because I'm fly, you ain't because you not. Mims - This is Why I'm Hot

You ain't cause your not? WTF?

I know I'm not as hot as you, Mims, but please tell me why.

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43 She's so sweet make me wanna lick the wrapper Lil Wayne - Lollipop

The lyric is : she said 'he's so sweet; make me wanna lick the wrapper, so I let her lick the rapper.

Dear Lil Wayne, using candy in sexual terms is so overrated. Nobody wants to lick your lollipop, so please shut up and just go the hell away.

Worst rapper of all time

44 In a 600 ain't no smokin' cigada, Come over here I think I see your baby fada, Here go the number to my casa, If you in a rush you call me manana Mase - What You Want

He managed to rhyme father, cigar, tomorrow, and house all together. - ilovekelly75

Not suprising this dumbass made the list twice...

I can't even understand what half of these mean... - Elina

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45 N****'s know I'm sick, I don't spit, I vomit, Got it. One egg short of the omelet. Simon Says ta shoot a n**** in his Thigh and Legs and tell him Ketchup Like Miyo-Naise..Uhm! Lil Wayne

I'm absolutely disgusted by this lyric. In fact it is so terrible and meaninless that I think it makes me lose a lot of respect for the negro rapping society

Easily the dumbest lyric I've ever heard in my life.

This is why I think Lil Wayne is completely overrated - Mcgillacuddy

Omelet? Ketchep? Miyo -Naise?

46 Grab a drink, grab a glass. After that I grab yo ass - Kanye West - Celebration
47 Santa ho ho ho ho ho - Pu$$y - Lupe Fiasco

Okay I laughed at this way more than I should've - Mcgillacuddy

48 Real G's movin' silent like lasagna - Lil' Wayne

This line is GOAT and it's off a GOAT song. Goes over a ton of people's heads though I guess.

Well, lasagna is silent... He does has a point...

The beat is even worse than this lyric.

Basically anything on this list could be number one but this one is particularly stupid. Let me clear this up for you.
The 'g' in lasagna is not silent. It's a common misconception. If it was silent the word would be pronounced 'lasana'.

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49 I'm tired a usin technology - 50 Cent

Then go dig a hole and live in it 50 cents.

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50 And I got her n****, grocery bags - Gudda Gudda - Bedrock

This is the vaguest unconnected simile ever.

This definitely ranks #1 in my list.

That lyric is gonna haunt him.


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