Dumbest Reason Not to Buy an Xbox One

The Top Ten Dumbest Reason Not to Buy an Xbox One

1 All of my friends have a PlayStation 4

Nice list. Pretty similar to my list of Dumbest Reasons Not to Buy PlayStation 4, don't you think so? Haha even the "mario" element is here - keyson

So you want to end up with 50% kids with their annoying voices and trollers

They need to know the diffrence - Jake09

Oh god this list is for PS Fan boys... LOSERS - toy

2 It was made in 2013. 13 is a bad number so that means I'll always lose

Yes, agreed, Illuminati confirmed

It's true though...

3 No Mario on the XBOX ONE
4 The XBOX 360 had a bad kinect and the XBOX ONE Needs to come with it
5 It's Black and Black is a evil color

That Sounds Kinda Racist.

6 It's too big
7 I already have a Play Station 4
8 It's a XBOX 360
9 It's like Seri
10 I hit my balls with my Xbox 360 and I'm afraid I'll do the same here.

The Contenders

11 It reminds me of my mother in law

Haha! What is the connection? They both are electrifying?! - HezarioSeth

12 If I buy it somebody will take it
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