Top 10 Dumbest Reasons to Call 911


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21 Justin Bieber is in your house

This is actually a very good reason to call 911! It's an emergency! This is worse than a fire in your house! - missyweirdo

I would call 911 if that happens:HELP THERE's A DRUG ADDICT IN MY HOUSE! - SamuiNeko

22 There are too many ant related items on this list

I ant going to take this any longer! - PositronWildhawk

Ha, positronwildhawk, I see what you did there. - SoulEaterFan

23 To hit on the operator

"Hey baby, call the sex police, you're a wanted criminal! " - PositronWildhawk

24 Your girlfriend/boyfriend is a 911 operator

Tying up the phone line for people in life threatening emergencies just to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend... Tisk tisk

25 Marijuana was too strong

Look up the video on YouTube where a former police officer calls 911 because the marijuana was too strong. It will make your day

26 Someone shot you in the forehead
27 You caught your son watching porn
28 Someone at McDonald's gave you a wrong order
29 Someone made a dumb list on TheTopTens
30 There's a koala on your roof
31 Your cat is fat
32 An ant just trolled you

So many ant related stuff on this list... - cosmo

33 To ask for the number for 911
34 You lost on Call of Duty V 1 Comment
35 You're out of hairspray
36 You lost your rock
37 Someone stole your parking spot
38 Someone farted V 1 Comment
39 Your sibling destroyed your lego building and ripped off the heads of the lego people

Why would you call 911 for that? - SamuiNeko

40 Someone threatened queen Elsa

That's something caps girl would do. - SamuiNeko

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1. Someone stole your cookie
2. There is an ant on your bed
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1. Someone stole your pen or pencil
2. Someone stole your cookie
3. There is an ant on your bed
1. Someone stole your pen or pencil
2. Someone stole your cookie
3. There is an ant on your bed

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