Top 10 Dumbest Reasons Girls Don't Go Out with Guys

I'm so damn sick of hot girls rejecting me for these reasons!

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1 They like metal

Just because I like Metl doesn't make me a bad person! I'm sorry that I don't conform to society's rules but I'm smarter than most other people - MatalFan1

2 They are nice

Girls always complain about guys cheeting on them and stuff but I probably wouldn't do that stuff because I'm nice so I don't know why they don't want me - MatalFan1

3 They are smart
4 They are not tall enough

I'm 5'4" but girls like guys who are like 5"10" or more. It's so rediculous and shalow. I wish that I ccould just find a hot girl who wasnt shalow like that - MatalFan1

5 They aren't muscular

I'm chubby but why does that matter? The only girls that ever like me are ugly, why can't the hot girls stop being so shalow and date me even though I'm not perfect? - MatalFan1

6 They don't smell that good

My smell doesn't matter and shouldn't matter - MatalFan1

7 They don't like bad music

Sorry I'm not an idiot like all teenage girls and I lissen to actual good music, all teenage girls are dumb because they don't like me juts because I hate on the music they like. Well, guess what. IT DESERVS TO BE HATED ON! - MatalFan1

8 They creep them out

Its not my fault if your creeped out, get over it - MatalFan1

9 They play video games

Once again, this shouldn't matter. Video games are fun. - MatalFan1

10 They aren't liberal

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11 They're sexist
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