Top Ten Dumbest Reasons to Hate a Food

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1 It's my enemy's favorite food

If your favorite food is also your enemy's favorite food so you will hate your favorite food and you're new favorite food is your enemy's LEAST favorite food? - lovingicecreams

2 My friends hate it

If this is the reason why you hate a food that means that your opinion is based on your friend's opinion - lovingicecreams

You're simply bandwagoning with them. - Neonco31

3 My family hate it

Same as the item my friends hate it if this is the reason why you hate a food that means that your opinions is based on your family's opinion - lovingicecreams

4 Everybody likes it

Not everybody like the food that you don't like
like pizza a lot of people like pizza but not all people like pizza - lovingicecreams

5 It makes you fat

Just enjoy it in moderation then. - Entranced98

Who cares?
It doesn't make the food taste bad - lovingicecreams

6 A lot of people hate it

If you hate a food because a lot of people hate it so that means that your opinion is based what other people think it's so stupid in my opinion - lovingicecreams

7 It smells bad

There are some exceptions, but usually when something smells terrible, it also tastes terrible. This isn't really that stupid of a reason. - Zach808

Actually this is why I hate durians. Not only that, but it makes my mouth stink too and it tastes strange - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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8 It's a healthy food

Doesn't matter really. - Neonco31

9 It looks bad

Who cares when the food looks bad you know looks don't matter so eat it - lovingicecreams

10 It's my least favorite celebrity's favorite food

(Insert name of least favorite celebrity) likes Pizza. I like Pizza. - Neonco31

You will hate all things that your least favorite celebrity likes? - lovingicecreams

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