Dumbest Reasons To Hate A Movie

I decided to make a list on stupid reasons to hate a movie. Keep in mind, it’s okay to not like a movie or think an upcoming movie will suck.

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1 It’s overrated

I can like Avengers Endgame, Jurassic Park, Spiderman (2001), Wonder Woman (though I really don't) Guardians of the galaxy 2, Thor Ragnarok, Inside Out, How to train your dragon 2, Batman Begins, Interstellar, Forrest Gump and the Lion King without thinking they're the best movies ever.
There are levels of enjoyment

Overrated doesn't always mean terrible, remember that. - codgtamk34

Say that to my top of "most overrated albums of 2018" it become from albums who critics really loved to albums that users didn't liked - Pato_cargo

You don't actually had to hate an overrated film. - SpinelliFan

An overrated movie is not a bad movie! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Exactly! I find Black Panther to be a bit overrated but I still like it. - codgtamk34

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2 It has swear words in it

Was the movie supposed to be family friendly?

{If It swears don't watch it it's simple. There is ratings for a reason.}

This has happened recently with a new movie that came out recently with Detective Pikachu. People didn’t like how Pikachu was saying hell, and damn. Guess what? Swear words are swear words. There’s nothing wrong with swear words in movies. Okay, Sausage Party did have too many F bombs making it unfunny, but still. Don’t hate a movie because it has swear so in it. - RadioHead03

3 Because it sucks

So you shouldn't hate a movie because it sucks? That's like saying you shouldn't enjoy a movie because it's good. - RobertWisdom

Honestly there is no such thing as a bad movie, you may think a movie is bad, but there are plenty of people that probably thought it was a good movie. If you don't like a movie cool don't watch the movie ever again - germshep24

The go to reason for a person that has no reason to hate a movie - germshep24

Maybe it's everyone who saw Battlefield Earth.

So we should like a movie BECUASE it is bad - lemur

Bad is subject, everyone has different qualification for what is a bad movie. I movie that you think is bad could very well be a movie some people think are the best movie made - germshep24

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4 Everyone else hates it

This is the biggest one. A friend was excited to see a movie and then changed their mind because their friends hated it. - codgtamk34

Welcome to the bandwagon! - TriggerTrashKid

Yeah, going with the majority and not making up your own mind is a stupid reason. - truckturner

5 It didn't get an 80% or above on rotten tomatoes

If Rotten Tomatoes gives a movie a bad rating (for example a 24%), who cares. Just because Rotten Tomatoes doesn't like it doesn't mean you have to as well. - HoldenFanatic

I still like Cars 2, Jingle All The Way, Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, The Lorax, and the Night At The Museum movies even though they have low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. - HoldenFanatic

Who actually listens to Rotten Tomatoes these days? Seriously... - TheAwesomeBowser

I love Venom and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. - TriggerTrashKid

Agreed with everyone. It's just numbers. - codgtamk34

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6 It has too many deaths in it

I actually hate movies because mostly they have too LITTLE deaths in it. - Gamefreak23788

It's also pretty sick to be entertained by death. - RobertWisdom

I can handle them now. I didn't when I was kid. - codgtamk34

Infinity War is horrible - TriggerTrashKid

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7 It has sex in it

Okay I know sex is discusting and all that stuff. But hating on a movie because it has sex scenes is pretty dumb sometimes. There are a lot of movies that are good that have sex scenes. Blade Runner 2049, Titanic, I Toyna, and others. But hating on a movie with sex scenes can be a good reason to hate a movie. Like the Fifty Shades movies. They are an absolute abomination to the movie industry. - RadioHead03

Nope. 50 Shades is an abomination. - RobertWisdom

8 It’s bloody

That's sick and disgusting. - RobertWisdom

If you didn’t like the movie because it had too much gore, than don’t watch movies with gore. - RadioHead03


9 It's for kids

Just because its aimed for kids does not mean it sucks. Same thing for movies aimed for adults. - codgtamk34

Every 8 year old should worship Deadpool - TriggerTrashKid

10 It’s too loud

Honestly a pretty dumb reason to hate a movie. - RadioHead03

The Loud House rages - TriggerTrashKid

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11 It released on the same day as another movie

Honestly, hating on a movie that released on the same day as another movie is a dumb reason. That’s like saying The Sawkshank Redemption sucks because it released on the same day as Pulp Fiction. But both movies are good. - RadioHead03

12 You'll get attacked for liking it
13 I fell asleep

It just meant they didn't sleep well the previous night. - codgtamk34

Well if you fell asleep during the movie, and didn’t pay attention to it, then that’s a pretty dumb reason to hate a movie. - RadioHead03

14 It’s boring

This can be one of you’re reasons to hate a movie, but you have to pay attention to the movie to call it boring or not. If you hate The Lord Of The Rings movies because you think they’re boring is a pretty dumb reason to hate a movie. - RadioHead03

15 Doesn't have enough LGBT representation

If there is a part for an LGBT character in a movie then they will put an LGBT character in the movie we can't just keep shoving LGBT characters in movies just because the leftists demand them a movie can still be good with or without them. - egnomac

Just watch what happens when Frozen 2 comes out and doesn't Give Elsa A Girlfriend. The very people who say they can't wait for it now will be saying how "terrible" it is for just that reason.

No joke, I have seen people criticizing Avengers Endgame for this...why do you care, just enjoy the movie and have fun.

As much as I like seeing LGBT characters in movies and T.V. I have to agree we don't need to keep shoving them in everything if they don't serve a purpose to the story then there's no need for them to be there in the first place. - Loudhouserules

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16 A certain actor stars in it

I think it's fair to say if Nicholas Cage stars in it, it sucks. Or if Beyonce or some singer/rapper stars in it, it sucks. - RobertWisdom

So... You don't like, Zendaya (for example, I like her) and your about to watch The Greatest Showman. And then u see she stars in it and u immediately dislike it. I mean, give them a chance!

17 Not violent enough
18 The special effects don't look advanced enough

This reason is stupidly common among the young generation of movie fans. By their logic, King Kong, Tron, Ghostbusters, and any 2D animated movie is bad.

This is valid. - TriggerTrashKid

19 It's too long

Literally telling the world Avengers: Endgame sucks wow.

20 The female characters aren't "strong"

Whatever the crap anyone means by "strong" these days

21 It has too much shooting

"Oh boo hoo, shooting everywhere." Sometimes the shootings in movies make them fun. - codgtamk34

22 Is animated
23 It doesn't have Donald Trump in it

Lol. What? This is nonsense! - RobertWisdom

24 No crossovers from other movie or TV show company

People hated the first Wreck-It Ralph because it didn't have as many real game characters as they would have liked (or Sonic wasn't in it enough). Naturally, the sequel got praised to high heaven solely for the appearance of the Disney Princesses.

25 No Chuck E. Cheese logo in the movie

What? - RadioHead03

26 Lack of "diversity"

Thanks to people who hate on movies for this very reason, diverse casts/characters have taken precedence over anything else about a movie.

27 It comes out of a bad franchise
28 It’s a horror movie
29 It has a character who you don’t like
30 Because of its genre
31 It's modern

This is pretty much FreeBoy. - codgtamk34

32 It has Donald Trump in it

This is twice here? - Userguy44

33 It's has stupid comedy
34 It's popular

That's what overrated means

See? I told you guys people think overrated means popular. That drives me insane. - RobertWisdom

35 No kid friendly corny jokes
36 No Final Fantasy 7 reference
37 Stereotypes
38 Annoying stereotypes in kids movies
39 It's old

Especially since nowadays a movie made five years before you read this list is considered "old'.

40 It's Marvel

People I know hate endgame cause its marvel

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1. Everyone else hates it
2. It’s overrated
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