Top 10 Dumbest Reasons to Hate Nickelback

I Like Nickelback but the reasons people hate Nickelback for are just stupid so lets

The Top Ten

1 Because Other People Hate Them

Yes, music taste should be your own. Not from what others are liking or disliking. - zxm

This is the reason why they get so much hate just because people hate a band doesn't mean you should hate them - christangrant

2 Because They are from Canada

Just because they are from the same place as Justin Bieber doesn't mean they are bad and neither is Canada because their are great bands from Canada (Rush and Annhilator to name a few) - christangrant

3 Because of Chad Kroger's Hair Cut

Yes some people hate Nickelback because they think Chad Kroger's Hair looks like Ramen Noodles which he has sinced cut off that hair - christangrant

4 Because They Get Loads of Money

And that money they get they donate to Childrens Hospitals so if anything they have saved more people than you ever will - christangrant

5 Because All Their Songs Sound the Same

Not true at all Savin Me sounds Different from Rockstar and Most other Pop and Rap Musicians songs sound the same so this argument is just false - christangrant

6 Because They Made One Song You Didn't Like

Just because they made 1 song you didn't like doesn't mean they are bad - christangrant

7 Because of the Song Rockstar

This song isn't the greatest song ever but its nowhere near in the top 100 worst songs of all time so if your telling me Crap like BOTDF And 3 Doors Down is better than this song then there I question your intelligence - christangrant

8 Because They Made Some Poppy Songs

So Bon Jovi Whitesnake and Van Halen have made some Poppy Songs and they are loved by many - christangrant

9 Because They "Sold Out"

They Did start making Pop Music But Nickelback isn't metal so they are allowed to do it in my book - christangrant

10 Because of the Lyrics

If you hate Nickelback because of the lyrics and like crappy artists like Flo Rida then you are a hypocritical individual who I question the intelligence of - christangrant

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