Top Ten Dumbest Reasons to Hate a Song

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1 Because it's mainstream

Why is the title changed? I guess admin dislikes the word dislike? Oh wait... - Userguy44

Yeah looking at you hipsters... just cause you're favorite band gets commercial success doesn't mean they turn into crap sometimes it's true but not always. - MetalWorldOrder

2 It's not popular

Who cares about popularity

I think that's the dumbest reason. - Soulstealer

3 Because it's an old song

It's a bad reason. I myself listen to both old songs and songs coming out next month. - Metal_Treasure

I like old songs in many decades, but you don't actually have to hate an old song as well. - SpinelliFan

The worst reason ever! - RobertWisdom

i'm old to

4 Because it's overplayed

I disagree. Bohemian Rhapsody is a great song, but I have lived 14 years in this world, which is not a lot of time, and I've grown to hate it. Why? I've heard it nearly every damn day. - MattAffterburner

You don't actually have to dislike or hate an overplayed song, you can like it, like the good music or anything. - SpinelliFan

No! There's a very good reason for why overplayed songs are hated! It's like eating lunch at school! - Pointingfingers

It makes sense to an extent, but the reason would have to be more that you heard it too much and it got boring now - xEliHbkx

5 It's overplayed
6 Because it includes swearing

This is why some people might avoid rap music. - Userguy44

7 Because the song it's not very well known
8 Because it's overall hated

Ya. I like a lot of songs/singers that people hate. - Luckys

Nickelback as an example. - Userguy44

Bandwagoners in a nutshell. - B1ueNew

9 A lot of people like it
10 Because of the lyrics

Not a bad reason. If the lyrics are terrible that's a perfectly legitimate reason to hate it. - RobertWisdom

HITLER WAS A SENSITIVE MAN! How does that make the song bad? - Userguy44

This is actually a really good reason to hate a song. If the lyrics are racist or something I really wouldn‘t want to listen to the song - Okk

100% agree with this, good list too. - MetalWorldOrder

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11 My friends hate it

When you don’t have your own opinion, but just follow others. - Userguy44

12 It's a metal song
13 Because it's a parody of a song you like

I love parody songs and artists and often include them in my lists. I even made several lists about parody songs and artists. However, that Lil Meerkat Bohemian Rhapsody is just a bad song, parody or not. It's unlistenable because it's bad and not because it's a parody. And no, parodies are not supposed to be bad. There are great parodies. - Metal_Treasure

So many people got triggered by Lil Meerkat. - Userguy44

14 Because it doesn't have a music video

This item has to be the most absurd reason on this list, at least to me it is the most absurd reason - Metal_Treasure

Good Mourning Black Friday. The greatest Megadeth song. No one even thought of giving it a music video. - MattAffterburner

15 Because of the title

Fortnite the song..Hate it, now? - MrGuyDudeMan

16 The music video is bad
17 Because you heard scream

That is unless you don't like screams lol, then it sorta makes sense 🤪 - xEliHbkx

18 A lot of people hate it

Why hating a Nickelback song because others hate it as well? - Userguy44

19 People at school say they don't like it
20 It's my  enemy's favorite song
21 It's a song by a singer that I hate

That or a song by someone everyone at my school says is bad.

22 Because you can't dance to it

Yes, this reason is pretty nonsensical. - Metal_Treasure

I like Fall In Line, but you can’t dance to it! I like the LYRICS. There’s a MESSAGE.
- TheDuttyGyal

23 Because of the genre of music the band is a part of

This needs to be in the top ten I think. At least to me this is the most terrible reason.

24 Because its music video is bad or not very good

There are great songs with not that good videos. There are awful songs with good videos. These two things should be separated. - Metal_Treasure

Occasonally the music video will give me more reason to hate the song (example:Twerk by the City Girls), but mostly it leaves my opinion unaffected. - oneshot

25 It's  about sex

Marvin Gaye had one of the most influential songs, and most of them were this. These days "sex songs" are supposedly referring to stuff like Sexual that kids can't stand. - Swellow

26 Because it conflicts with your beliefs
27 Because the album cover is bad

This is similar to the music video it should not be taken account when considering the song itself.

I almost didn't give Eastside a chance because I didn't like the album cover... - oneshot

Why is this not on the list itself.

28 It's ripped off
29 It's a pop song
30 It's Long
31 Because it isn’t a metal song
32 Because it is a metal song

I saw the item "Because It Isn’t a Metal Song" on the list. So I added the opposite, too. Because it's true - some people wouldn't give a chance to a song just because it's a metal song. - Metal_Treasure

33 Because it samples another song

This does not make sense really if the sample works well why is that a problem.

I still don’t like Ice Ice Baby though. - Userguy44

34 Because it's a modern song
35 It's overrated
36 Because it isn’t catchy
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