Top Ten Dumbest Reasons to Hate the TheTopTens


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1 Because People Here Are Rude

I've met tons of rude people.

Tell that to the angry visitor and the guy who made the visitor hate list. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Only few people are rude but most people here are nice. - cosmo

It would be a good reason if it was true. - jmepa1234

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2 Because Everyone Hates Justin Bieber

And again its just our opinion. Still the hate is going too far. - cosmo

He sucks, need I say more? He has zero talent, he deserves it. - 05yusuf09

Because he deserves it.

It's getting annoying.

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3 Because Positronwildhawk Is Hard to Say

It's easy to pronounce, once you get the hang of it. - nintendofan126

I can say it easy - jmepa1234

Just because you don't know how to pronounce a user's name? Thats really dumb. - cosmo

4 Because the Idea of a User Being a Pug Is Dumb

Just because one user you are going to hate this site? - samanime

That's offensive to for dog lovers and puga - jmepa1234

Yay I cannot wait for Puga to die in a year or two! Haha!

5 Too Many Comparison List

They're cool! I make them a lot! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Because It's Stupid

There are many intelligent people here who make factually correct lists, which state the opinion of the majority of the Top Tens. There is the occasional list which makes no sense, but those are outweighed by the good lists. - Merilille

Well that's rlly nice. - Oliveleaf

7 Because Facebook Is Better

I don't even have a Facebook and I already know that it's been a site that's gotten progressively worse. - NuMetalManiak

And you still don't have to hate this site? - samanime

I don't even like Facebook!

8 Because We Are Special Snowflakes

Some hypersensitive people are special snowflakes sometimes. I'm not. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

Seems like a pretty good reason.

9 Because Baby Is Number One On the Worst Songs of All Times List

I think Anaconda should be number 1 on the Worst Songs Of All Time list - ThePwoperMuser101

We all have are opinions but just because of that doesn't mean you should hate this site - samanime

10 Because It's Overrated

Whoever put this is out of their mind. This site is underrated! - RalphBob

Not many people know about this website. It's underrated. - nintendofan126

This website is more popular than people think but it's not overrated. - TopTensFan

This website absolutely underrated. - 05yusuf09

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11 Because Anything Involving Britain Sucks

This would not just be rude it would also be racist and stupid - samanime

That offensive to Britgirl and other british people! - SamuiNeko

That's racist and offensive to people from Britain. - cosmo

Hey I'm British dudes - jmepa1234

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12 Because You Aren't Getting Followed Back By Another User
13 Because They Do Not Add Your List

Yes admin deleted 2 of my lists - epictoonsfan1

This happened to me as my last two lists weren't added.
Luckily my actual last list about reasons to hate this site called "Top Ten Reasons to hate this site" was published.
IN the FACE TheTopTens.COM!

14 Because we hate frozen

This should be in the toptens. Seriously, I saw a list about frozen sucking and a bunch of frozen fans called us ungrateful! - Gamecubesarecool193

Most boys do at least oops that's sexcist sorry - jmepa1234

15 Because It's For People With Asperger's Syndrome

Seriously, people with that syndrome comprise less than 15% of the active users of this site.

16 Too much complaining

This is the exact reason I hate this site. All people do is whine and scream without giving actual reasons besides saying "GRR THIS SHOW IS BAD BAD BAD GRRR GROWL AHHH *Dies*" (Every worst T.V. show comment in a shellnut)

17 Because Your Comments Are Not Posted

They do not add your, hopefully, nice comments and they do add the hateful comments. Sometimes.

18 Because People Can Add Items To The List Which Have Nothing To Do With What Was Asked To Be In The List

I see this on several lists. An example [I made this up just so you know what I mean]:
Top Ten most beautiful women in the world. and you add Michael Jackson.
Pretty bad answer but now at least you know why it is bad.

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1. Because People Here Are Rude
2. Because Everyone Hates Justin Bieber
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1. Because People Here Are Rude
2. Because Everyone Hates Justin Bieber
3. Because the Idea of a User Being a Pug Is Dumb
1. Because Baby Is Number One On the Worst Songs of All Times List
2. Because Positronwildhawk Is Hard to Say
3. Because People Here Are Rude

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