Top Ten Dumbest Reasons to Kill Someone


The Top Ten

1 Someone has a better car than you

Aren't ALL reasons to kill someone dumb reasons to kill someone? - keycha1n

2 They took your parking spot
3 Your boss fired you
4 Someone is more popular than you

If I killed people for being more popular than me then that would be considered genocide. - AGK

5 They are texting in the theater

Makes me want to, but not a good reason to do it. I mean, how would you explain that in court?
Judge: Now, answer me this. Why did you kill that person?
Me: Well, they were texting during the movie!
Judge: Wait, what? That's why you ended their life?
Me: It was a getting really good, though!
Me: Are you re-thinking my sentence?
Judge: No, but you should re-think your life decisions. Guilty! - Donut

6 They took the last special edition of a console
7 They win a contest you don't

Oh, the same contest? Oh, man! Where's my knife, I'm about to take back what's mine!
"Who's Pie is better now?! " - Donut

8 They cut you off of the highway
9 Someone got accepted for a job but you didn't
10 Someone is playing music on the boombox

The Contenders

11 Someone farted an extremely stinky fart

It smells bad, but it's not worth killing over. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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