Dumbest Reasons Not to Buy a PlayStation 4


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1 It was released in 2013. 13 is the number of bad luck. If I buy it now, I'll have bad luck when I play. Therefore I will always lose.

If you were born on friday the 13,that makes the bad luck increase SHOTS FIRED

Haha! I laughed a lot when I read this item! Cool list, although I've seen this b4... Bye, Gott segne! - HezarioSeth

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2 All of my friends will buy Xbox One

All of your friends need to know what life is. - keyson

Tell your friends to buy ps4 so you can play this and your friend will play boring Xbox 1

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3 Portal 3 hasn't been released yet V 1 Comment
4 If I buy it someone will steal it from me

That's just crazy. Don't be silly! Haha! - Britgirl

Why would you buy from someone

5 I can't play my games from previous consoles

Try playing them in your previous consoles. If you ever heard that when you buy a PS4 your PS1, 2 and 3 explode then I'll tell you friend, it's a myth. - keyson

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6 It's almost a PS3

Do you know the difference between a duck and a penguin? - keyson

PlayStation 3 is awesome. - Connor360

Bro this is not almost a PS3

No is better than the PS3! - Danteem

7 It's black. Black's the colour of death.

Try painting it in your favourite colour! - keyson

So you can get it white and the Xbox one is black

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8 There are no Mario games for PS4

Mario games are only on Nintendo. Not any PlayStation or Xbox consles. - Connor360

How about this. Get a 3DS AND a PS4. Now you have an on the go system with your Marios and Zeldas, and a powerful, next gen home console with great graphics and mature games. THERE!

9 Chuck Norris doesn't play it

So what you can still play it

So what what I do for it

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10 It's Playstation 4. Playstation for what?

It's hard to find more reasons. - keyson

It's the 4th play station

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11 It's too expensive

I said "Dumbest" reasons. This is a very acceptable one. - keyson

12 Well, it basically sucks V 1 Comment
13 I don't have the money

Yes it was very expensive

14 I hate the color black, and the console and controllers are black

Hide the console, controllers can be in any color

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15 The controllers are too brittle

I've broken two in a 8-month span and I'm a weakling.

16 No Zelda games

Same as the "No Mario games" reason except worse because the Wii U doesn't have a new main series Zelda game.

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17 Batman: Arkham Knight is hard V 1 Comment
18 Half Life 4 hasn't released yet
19 The Xbox has the letter X in it V 1 Comment
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1. It was released in 2013. 13 is the number of bad luck. If I buy it now, I'll have bad luck when I play. Therefore I will always lose.
2. All of my friends will buy Xbox One
3. Portal 3 hasn't been released yet



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