Top 10 Dumbest Reasons People Hate Black Metal

I have seen many dumb and ignorant comments towards extreme metal genres, mainly Death Metal and Black Metal, and some even hate Thrash Metal. This list is part 2 of 3 lists i'm going to make in which i point out some of the stupidest reasons for hating these genres, this list being about Black Metal, I'm not the biggest fan of Black Metal (i prefer Death Metal and Thrash Metal) but i like some of it. I have no problem with someone not liking Black Metal as long as they are respectful towards the opinions of those who do like it and be respectful towards the musicans who work their butts off to entertain their fans.

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1 No variety

Of course there is variety - Metal_Treasure

Black metal's purpose was to not be popular?

Black metal is the punk of metal. :O - Skullkid755

I'll say this again just I said for Death Metal, If there is no variety then how come their are many different subgenres of Black Metal? While I will admit it's not as varied as Death Metal it still has many subgenres which I'll list some now:

Black Metal: an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. Common traits include fast tempos, a shrieking vocal style, heavily distorted guitars played with tremolo picking, raw ( lo-fi) recording, unconventional song structures, and an emphasis on atmosphere. Artists often appear in corpse paint and adopt pseudonyms.Ex. Mayhem
Blackened Thrash Metal: Thrash Metal with more Black Metal influience, Ex. Venom
Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient Black Metal): As it says its is a more atmospheric version of Black Metal and as a result is usally less aggressive: Ex. Burzum
Symphonic Black Metal: A style of Black Metal that incorporates symphonic and orchestral elements : Ex. Emperor
Black 'N' Roll: A combonation of Hard Rock and Rock 'N' ...more - christangrant

2 The lyrical themes for the genre are awful because they are about satanic stuff.

Yes Black Metal bands do sing about that but to assume every single Black Metal band does is ignorance and is the equivalent of saying all Death Metal bands sing about is gore, murder and death. Here are some examples of Black Metal bands that sing about other things:

Bathory: At first yes they sang about Satanism and evil but later they sang about Norse Mythology
Immortal: they sing about Grimness, Winter, War, Winterdemons, Blashyrkh,
Satyricon: They sing about Mysticism, Nature, Apocalypse, and yes they do sing about Anti Christianity but that doesn't mean anything.
Emperor: They sing about Sorcery, Nature, Mythology, Individualism, Mysticism
Enslaved: They sing about Norse mythology, Vikings, Nature, Spirituality
Dissection: they sing about Death, Occultism, Chaos, Anti-cosmic Satanism.

There is even a thing called Unblack Metal which is Black Metal with Christian Lyrics, so this reason is wrong and cannot be taken seriously.

Plus the point of ...more - christangrant

3 The instrumentation is terrible

You can't say the genre as a whole is terrible instrumentally because there is no way you have heard every single Black Metal song, album or band because their are so many of them. And plus this argument can once again apply to many other genres of music. - christangrant

Not true. Black Metal isn't my first metal choice but I like some bands and songs, and I like them mostly for the riffs. Black metal riffs can be very beautiful, believe it or not. - Metal_Treasure

4 The vocals are atrocious

Very subjective argument that can be taken seriously and it can be argued that the vocals can be annoying for just about any music genre. - christangrant

Well, these are harsh vocals and there are harsh vocals in all extreme subgenres - Metal_Treasure

I think it is because I can't stand growling and they sing and scream in the most annoying way possible.-DarkBoi-X

5 No creativity

If there is no creativity then howcome their are many genres of Black Metal? Plus how would you know if there is no creativity if you haven't heard every band in the genre? - christangrant

6 You can't understand the vocals

That maybe true, it shouldn't be a surprise since since a lot of is sung in Norwegian so unless you are a native speaker of it it would be hard to understand, plus it's not just Black Metal that has lyrics you can't understand, is Rammstein a bad band because they sing in German? No that's just stupid plus they are about the music not the lyrics it's the same with Black Metal. - christangrant

I listen to black metal for the music and not for the vocals / lyrics - Metal_Treasure

7 The musicians are terrible people

I think what's more important is to separate the art from the artist, especially when that artist is a terrible person. Just saying.

Unsure about that. If I know a music artist is a very messed up criminal I wouldn't listen to them because they earn money off of their music unless it's pirated which is illegal, and I don't want to be arrested for piracy or give a psychopath money. - Skullkid755

The musicans being "terrible people" has nothing to do with the quality of the music, this can apply to anyone in the musical spectrum they can be a terrible person and make some of the best music ever and vice versa as well. - christangrant

Quorthon was one of the nicest person in the metal genre?
What he played? The evilest metal genre, of course, black metal

8 It created the infamous "Metal is Satanic" stereotype

I heard that jazz was considered Satanic but unsure if that's true. - Skullkid755

In popular culture, Rock n Roll was among the first music genres to be labeled "Satanic". But the story can be traced back to Niccolo Paganini (b. 1782) - a classical composer and violinist, who was called "The Devil's violinist". At the same time he was the most celebrated violin virtuoso of his time. - Metal_Treasure

A great comment from the user IronSabbathPriest about this:

" Untrue. That stereotype has been around since before Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast album. Before black metal."

He is right but this stereotype has actually been around since Rock n Roll was invented, many have called Rock n Roll satanic without actually looking into it, they just assumed that "it was satanic" because it was much heavier then what they were used to. - christangrant

9 There's no effort in the genre

Most of the albums in this genre are written and performed by one or 2 musicians. Now, imagine a pop star writing the music and lyrics to all songs, playing all the instruments and singing all the songs. With no financial support. With no good studio and equipment. How doing this is "no effort"? - Metal_Treasure

100% wrong, if there is no effort into the genre then howcome many of these bands are praised by many metal fans? If there is no effort in the genre how come the band even try to make music then? If their is no effort why do the bands even tour to preform for an audience? This is so wrong on many levels. - christangrant

10 The production is too raw

This is not a really true reason but it's an understandable one. - EliHbk

Production is often Lo Fi on purpose because certain music genres are believed to sound more authentic namely raw. It's also true for garage rock and punk. But not all black metal bands stick to the aesthetics of Lo Fi, so again - you can choose. - Metal_Treasure

1. This doesn't apply to every Black Metal band, some have really clean production some have raw this can apply to many other genres of metal, Thrash Metal being one of them
2. Being raw does not mean bad
3. It can be argued that someone would prefer raw produced songs over overproduced pop songs - christangrant

The Contenders

11 The media says its bad

Fxxx the media and what they say, you shouldn't believe the garbage they say, because they spread lies about things just for publicity and profit - christangrant

12 It sounds like a toilet

...someone actually said this as a reason for hating black metal... I have no words... - christangrant

13 It promotes animal abuse
14 The musicians wear corpse paint

Who says that? People who hate black metal. Do these people go to black metal concerts? No. So why corpse paint bothers people who will never see a black metal musician with corpse paint? No reason.
Do you understand how lame the corpse paint argument is? - Metal_Treasure

1. has nothing to do with the quality of the music
2. it's a tradition of Black Metal
3. Not every band wears corpsepaint
4. If it's a bad thing for BM musicans to wear corpse paint, then it's a bad thing for Pop musicans to wear make up. - christangrant

15 It's overrated

Ironically the most overrated reason for hating on pretty much anything because it is both very subjective and wrong because the word overrated does not mean bad. - christangrant

This is one of the least popular metal subgenres, so how is it overrated? The fanbase is small, the number of sold copies isn't big... - Metal_Treasure

16 It's evil

Black Metal is evil but its only certain bands who sound and sing about evil, but Pop music is also evil, since it's built around Greed, I.e most of the musicans only caring about money and Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins - christangrant

17 It's dangerous
18 It's racist
19 It's homophobic

No, they never promoted it

20 It's against Christianity
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