Top 10 Dumbest Reasons People Hate Death Metal

I have seen many dumb and ignorant comments towards extreme metal genres, mainly Death Metal and Black Metal, and some even hate Thrash Metal. This list is part 1 of 3 lists i'm going to make in which i point out some of the stupidest reasons for hating these genres, this list being about Death Metal. I am perfectly fine if someone doesn't like Death Metal as long as you are respectful to the opinons of others who like it and to the musicans who work their butts of to entertain their fans.

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1 Death metal all sounds the same and has no variety

You can literally apply this criticism to any genre your not familiar with. - cjWriter1997

It is not, it's a great genre in my opinion - EliHbk

Death metal saved my life! - Skullkid755

I made a list that proves how lame this "reason" is - Top 10 Differences Between Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth
My point is that these 2 bands play melodic death metal but they sound very different. So there is variety even within the subgenres of death metal. - Metal_Treasure

2 Death metal is talentless

If Death Metal is talentless then so is Nu Metal, Metalcore, Alternative Metal and Rap Metal because those genres aren't as techincally skilled as Death Metal is, this is a false statement on so many levels and once again cannot be taken seriously because it's pure ignorance, it has talent and so do some bands I mentioned in the genres I listed but death metal takes more talent than those genres do, you have to play very fast and be usally pretty heavy and complex and also having to do death growls which not everyone can do, the genres I listed need none of these things Some Metalcore have growls but they are more screams than growls and they aren't as hard to do as Death Growls since Death Growls take up the entire song, while the screaming in metalcore is only done in parts of it. - christangrant

This is so ignorant. I dare to say that currently the most metal talent is concentrated in death metal - Techincal Death Metal and Progressive Death Metal in particular. If you wanna hear top notch musicianship with virtuoso players, these are the metal subgenres to check out. Virtuoso guitarists with sweep picking, fretless bass players, mindblowing drummers, and so on. I've made many lists about these aspects of death metal. - Metal_Treasure

I don't like Death Metal at all but I have to admit it takes talent to make but that doesn't mean everyone will like it.I can't stand the growling and neither can most people.Also my favorite type of music is Electro Metal/Techno Metal(I don't know what it's called but that's the best I can describe it) and it takes a lot of talent to make but not everyone will enjoy it.Of course people who like electronic music or rock music will like it but not people who like other stuff.Same thing with Death Metal.I don't like it because of the growling and the screams in Death Metal sound like cookie monster but if you like it then fine by you.-DarkBoi-X

3 All of the songs are about murder, gore and death

I've heard this dumb reason so many times that I made a list to show how wrong it is - Top 10 Death Metal Bands Whose Lyrics Aren't Gory - Metal_Treasure

And All Rap Songs People Listen To Nowadays Are About Partying and Drugs anyway - s646451

Why songs about murder and death? - Userguy44

Again pure ignorance and is a wrong assumption that cannot be taken seriously, yes their are Death Metal bands that sing about that stuff but those are only a select few and its completely ignorant to say all Death Metal lyrics are like that, plus it's a genre called DEATH Metal, what the hell did you expect the lyrics to be about? Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows? No that would be just stupid, plus many other metal genres sing about Death too so are they all bad because of it? No of course not Death is a common lyrical theme in metal and it was there from it's beginnings (Black Sabbath sings about Death) Their are many examples of bands that sing about diffrent topics and I'll give you some examples:

Obscura: They sing about Space and Philosophy, meaning these guys are more intelligent than the people who use these reasons to hate Death Metal.
Nile: they sing about Egyptian mythology, Death, Rituals, Lovecraftian, As you can see they sing about Egyptian mythology, Rituals ...more - christangrant

4 It lacks creativity

Then howcome there are so many different and unique genres of Death Metal? It is actually one of the most creative genres out there, because not only is there so much different genres of Death Metal that all sound different, their is also a lot of lyrical diversity as well. If people would actually do research to back up their claims as to why they hate death metal, they would know that death metal does indeed have creativity. Once again, if Death Metal lacks creativity then it can be argued Metalcore lacks creativity because a lot of Metalcore is about failed relationships and heartbreak, which not every band in the genre sings about that but a majority do, plus metalcore riffs are usally very simplistic and can be very dull compared to Death Metal riffs. - christangrant

All genres lack creativity at times. And some actually have creativity. I like pop more than death metal but this is absolutely stupid. I actually like some death metal at some time in my life. I have heard death metal songs that have like bucketloads of creativity and sometimes more than pop. Each genre have their own creativity to share. And death metal is no exception.

5 It's horrible to listen to

Again very subjective and does not prove anything about why someone would hate Death Metal other than a vauge "Grr I don't like it" if you are gonna hate the genre at least come up with legit reasons as to why and also understand why someone would like them, I don't like Metalcore or Nu Metal very much mainly because I find a lot of it can be boring, too simplistic and also pretty cringy, but I also understand why someone would like those bands, maybe they just like the music and that style, because to be fair there are some good bands in those genres. - christangrant

Nah man, Death Metal is one of my favorite genres. It's raw, intense and just awesome. - cjWriter1997

Dark Tranquility and Amon Amarth have pretty good melodies and well-structured verses and musical interludes, but then again, this applies to most Melodeath tracks. Death Growls, I can understand why people don't like them, but you gotta appreciate the amount of pressure singers have to go through to modulate their voices like that.

In what is "horrible" to listen to, it really depends on perception and the amount of experience you have listening to. Death Metal does seem too foreign for, let's say, a newcomer's ears, but can you really blame him/her? - CrimsonShark

This is subjective so I agree that it's horrible.And I'm not a pop fanboy my favorite music genres are Industrial rock,Dubstep,Punk/Hardcore,Industrial Metal,Electro-Industrial and Alternative/Indie.-DarkBoi-X

6 The instrumentation is good but is ruined by the vocals

A great comment about this from the user Metal_Treasure:

" It's like saying opera instrumentation is decent but is ruined by those boring operatic vocals, if you don't like such vocals. But every music genre has its music paradigm and all elements must be matched.
1) instrumentation in death metal is often excellent and not only decent - especially in progressive, melodic and technical death metal.
2) no, it isn't ruined by the vocals because death metal vocals are supposed to be death growls. Why do you expect, say, yodeling from a genre called death metal? Death growls differentiate death metal from other music genres. If you don't like growls, death metal just isn't for you." - christangrant

It's only growling. What's the point? - Userguy44

If someone dislikes Death Growls, I get it. The problem is how basic the criticism could be.

Death Metal vocals are completely unconventional, but that's what makes it unique. It's a genre's identity, it clearly establishes Death Metal's reputation. In addition, while vocals can ruin songs or at least tamper your expectations, you have to give credit to singers for actually trying something as risky as performing very deep sound effects that can cause your throat to ache badly if done incorrectly. - CrimsonShark

The three stages of listening to growls:
Stage 1: he sounds like the cookie monster
Stage 2: these vocals are so brutal man
Stage 3: rrrggghhh rrrggaahhh nnnrrgghhh AHHH! - cjWriter1997

7 The album covers are gross

I bet people who claim this have seen only 2-3 Cannibal Corpse covers... - Metal_Treasure

Malevolent Creation have some of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen.

1. Not all album covers in Death Metal are gory
2. The genre is called DEATH Metal, so it shouldn't be a surprise that there is gore in their album covers
3. This has nothing to do with the music, I'm honestly more grossed out by album covers that aren't from death metal bands. - christangrant

8 The fanbase is awful

1. The fanbase has nothing to do with the quality of the music
2. yes, there are some bad fans but a lot of people I have met who like Death Metal are actually nice people, so you can't say an entire fanbase is bad based on a few indivudals
3. If Death Metal has a terrible fanbase, then so does, Nu Metal and Metalcore, since a lot of them tend to get angry and whine about you disliking the genre. I've seen many YouTube videos with negative criticism of Metalcore and Nu Metal bands having loads of comments saying that person's opinion is wrong and not giving any actual valid reason as too why. - christangrant

9 You can't understand the vocals

That maybe true but it is not a valid reason because other genres of music can be argued are also hard to understand like Opera for example, especially if you aren't a native speaker of italian, It's about music and its performance, one of the goals of extreme metal is to be less accessible it isn't meant for fans of mainstream / popular music. - christangrant

Music is an international and universal language and a music fan should be able to understand the music without understanding the lyrics. Music and lyrics are two completely different things. - Metal_Treasure

If death metal haters can't understand the vocals, how did they know all the lyrics are about murder, gore and death? - Metal_Treasure

I can understand the vocals from Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth) just fine his growls aren't even harsh in fact they sound quite heroic and it fits Amons music perfectly. - christangrant

10 The vocals are annoying

That is a very subjective statement but cannot be taken seriously, because if Death growls are annoying then it can also be argued that the screams in metalcore are as well, especially if the vocalist doing them isn't very good at them. I can understand if you aren't a fan of Death Growls but just say "Death Growling isn't my thing" and move on, it's pretty dumb to hate the entire genre based soley on the vocal style. - christangrant

Annoying vocals can be in any genre in any subgenre. Lots of people find a lot of Pop music, Rap music and even Rock and Metal music to be irritating. In general, annoying vocals are fair game for just about any musical style. - CrimsonShark

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11 It's satanic

Also how would they know if a song is "satanic " or not if they can't understand the vocals? Just because a band uses "satanic" imagery on their album covers doesn't mean they are promoting satanism, it's like saying DOOM is promoting satanism even though in the game you kill demons through out the whole game you even go into hell to kill them. - christangrant

I'm assuming the people who say this about Death Metal only heard songs from Deicide and assumed all death metal was like that cause they really dumb and don't actually bother to know context and do research, if they did they would know a band called Mortification, a christian death metal band from Australia. - christangrant

12 It's all angry sounding

Not all of it is meant to sound angry. Some of them sound a little sad like Chuck Schuldiner's.

Just listen to fade to black by metallica, it sounds emotional and some metal is not angry

Yes it is angry sounding but at least it's real anger unlike Nu Metal and some Metalcore which is mostly fake anger and sounds just like whining.

Plus I'm pretty sure if it would ruin the point of death metal if it was all happy and jolly because it isn't supposed to be that. - christangrant

13 It gives heavy metal a bad name

Not true. Death metal's got a very good reputation in the metal community. Which can't be said about nu metal, metalcore, rap metal, and even alternative metal. - Metal_Treasure

14 The band names are ridiculous
15 It's overrated

There are overrated and underrated Death Metal albums and bands at the same time. Furthermore, the term "Overrated" can be applied to every single music genre depending on your perception and taste. - CrimsonShark

If it's overrated why do good metal songs get 100 million and below views on youtube and that pop and rap songs which are more overrated get a billion views

Not at all. I would say it's underrated. - Metal_Treasure

16 The song titles are ridiculous

Cannibal Corpse and Deicide are victims to this, but that's just two bands. Song names don't entirely define a music genre in my opinion. Not to mention there are Death Metal songs with rather normal-sounding song names. - CrimsonShark

17 It's not meant to be for everyone

I mean this is true, not everyone is gonna like it and I am fine with that. But to hate it based on it's accessablity is wrong because it's not suppossed to sound like Popular music that they are probaly used to. - christangrant

18 It’s too loud

Then turn down the speakers, it's not so hard, - christangrant

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