Top 10 Dumbest Reasons People Hate Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

We barely know any information and the games and people are already jumping on the hate bandwagon, FOR THE STUPIDEST REASONS I MAY ADD.

It's okay to be skeptical, unimpressed, underwhelmed, etc by the announcement, but if you are going to throw a fit over not getting your way because Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon didn't meet to your expectations, then that's a problem.

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1 The games aren't on the Nintendo Switch

I'm glad they aren't, since I'm probably not getting the Switch until after the games come out and I want to play these games ASAP. - Absolite

This will only be a problem if the games don't have enough extra features. Because of it were almost the same game but on a different system, well then that will be just fine in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I'm glad since I'm not paying for a Switch - Masterofal

I don't think my parents are going to let me buy a Nintendo Switch this year, so I'm pretty glad the games are going to be on the Nintendo 3DS so I can save more money. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 They aren't Sinnoh remakes

They'd better not remake Sinnoh games. Those games are perfect. The whole generation was the peak of Pokemon. Don't mess with the best generation of Pokemon by adding in crappy Mega Evolutions and ugly alternate forms. Please just leave it alone Game Freak.

While Gen 4 is my childhood, I don't mind them delaying the gen 4 remakes. Clearly GameFreak wants half of their generations to have remakes. In other words, we'll more than likely to get gen 4 remakes in Gen 8 - SocialMediaStinks

The more time that I have to prepare myself for round two/three with Cynthia, the better. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sinnoh Remakes WILL HAPPEN. Just not right now. Get over it. Alola isn't dead yet. - Rue

3 The games are on the 3DS

I am not okay with this sudden 3DS hatred because your precious Nintendo Switch isn't getting a Main Story Pokemon game yet.

1. The 3DS isn't dead. The New 3DS/2DS are still running strong and the 3DS still has a few years towards it's life span. It's not done yet.
2. Pokemon Black and White 2 were released on the DS DESPITE the NINTENDO 3DS ALREADY BEING OUT. They never jumped systems mid generation and they sure as hell won't start now. - Rue

It was recently confirmed that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last Pokemon games on the 3DS. - Bliss

4 It's another Alola based game

My only complaint about then is that they came too early. I hope that it will indeed be very different, otherwise it makes no sense to release them on the same console.

I don't hate the games or anything though. They will likely be even better than the original sun and moon and I really want to keep an eye out for details. - HeavyDonkeyKong

They will be very different. We may even get an entirely new cast and villain team. Keep in mind that the 20th Anniversary movie is an alternate story to the original anime series, and it's very different. - Rue

Sorry to break the news to gen 7 haters, but Gen 7 isn't even a year old yet. Alola isn't dead and it won't die just because you hate it.

If I can sit through Gen 4 despite disliking it so much while waiting for next gen, so can you with Gen 7. - Rue

5 It's an alternate story to Pokemon Sun and Moon

Everything can't always be the same. It will get boring. - Arcxia

So were Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum. Did anyone hate those for being an alternate story of their respective predecessors? NO. Then why the hell are you hating USM for it?

Pokemon Crystal, Emerald, and Platnium are considered the best out of the said games they represent. How do you get the idea that these will be horrible if those WERE BETTER THAN THEIR PREDECESSORS? I don't get it. - Rue

6 They aren't available for non-Nintendo consoles

What so dumb

Um, Pokemon is a NINTENDO FRANCHISE, so why the hell would they make these games on non-Nintendo consoles? - Absolite

Seriously? people want a Nintendo first party game on a Playstation, Xbox or PC?

I don't know where the submitter got this from, but no one is complaining about this. Pokemon is never expected to be on other consoles.

Please, stop destroying this list. - Rue

7 Pokemon Z still never happened

It's never going to happen, let's be honest - SocialMediaStinks

And sadly, too. - HeavyDonkeyKong

...I really don't understand people sometimes...

You think these people wouldn't exist but they do. People are still salty that Zygarde never got its game. To be honest, I'M THANKFUL NECROZMA WON'T END UP LIKE ZYGARDE. But that's just me. - Rue

8 It's like Black and White 2 all over again

Bw2 usum were good additions to the franchise though

It is a lot less lazy than Generation 1! :D - The Ultimate Daredevil to HeavyDonkeyKong

But I loved bw2... - HeavyDonkeyKong

I kinda get why people are peeved by this.
But again, too early to judge. Just because the new fusions are BW2 esq doesn't mean the games will represent the same thing or do the exact same as BW2.

We aren't even 100% if Necrozma fused with Solgaleo/Lunala or Solgaleo/Lunala got armor attached to them that resembles Necrozma.

Again, we barely know any information about the games. Do not jump to the hate bandwagon so early. - Rue

9 "No new content and features"

How do you know? Did you break into game freak hq and see the code? - Frouze

Bet once Team Rainbow Rocket was revealed, all those haters started shutting up over USUM. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The leak was literally a week ago. Patience, my young Padawan. - Absolite

You people have no idea what an alternate story is and what passed third versions/sequels did for their predecessors, do you?

Also, TOO EARLY to judge what they will do in the games. NEXT. - Rue

10 They are Genwunners

Just a psa, I didn't add this on here.

Thank you who ever ruined this list though. /sarcasm - Rue

Are you people serious? Not everyone who hates modern Pokemon games is a genwunner. Use your brain, people. A good majority of the "genwunners" you continue to whine about are working full-time jobs, have their own homes, and may even have kids. Genwunners barely exist anymore because they don't have the time to bitch about Pokemon - they moved on with their life. The "genwunner" era was in the mid-to-late 2000s, it's long over. Most of the people who hate the new Pokemon games grew up with R/S/E and D/P/P.

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11 We are going through Alola again

What If its guns instead of trials this time? - HeavyDonkeyKong

It was made clear that this is a different version of Alola and won't be the same things last games.

"But you said it's an Alternate Story which its"

*Points to the 20th Anniversary Movie* It's not going to be the same stuff we went through in Sun and Moon. Wait for more information comes out before judging. - Rue

12 The announcement was underwhelming

Don't judge a book by it's cover - TwilightKitsune

Well, yeah, that's just what it was, AN ANNOUNCMENT. Not a full blown trailer. - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's underwhelming because you over hyped direct about being Sinnoh Remakes or a Main Story Pokemon game being on the Nintendo Switch.

That's your problem, not the games'. - Rue

13 They don't realize that there IS a mainstream Pokémon game for the Switch in development.

Well the Switch announcement came about a week after USUM was announced, so in retrospect I guess it was kind of justified. Now that a full switch game is in development, they have something to be hopeful for

14 People expected it to be a sequel.
15 It is another main series game

Seriously, People hate this because of that?! Idiots.

16 It's incredibly boring for those who have already played sun/moon
17 Hau is the champion
18 Thinks everything new is DLC

Not only is this not a new generation people are mad because they think there is no new content which there is and when I saw someone said emerald and platinum were good USUM is basically this. The same thing happened with USUM same region just a bit different

19 They're just the same games as the first one. No improvements at all
20 It’s too soon
21 Newgenners are still mad that people aren't worshipping their precious alola region
22 It's boring

Jesus if its boring go play another game

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