Dumbest Reasons Why People Hate AC/DC

AC/DC are a great band but I don't understand why people hate them for stupid reasons so I will explain those reasons

Please no angry comments! :-)

The Top Ten

1 All Their Songs Sound the Same

I don't get it because I have listened to all their songs and a few sound the same

Yeah I can tell the difference with each song - Therandom

But they really do - NightmareCinema

I don't want to say this... but I feel all those comments on this list are insulting to me

2 They are Overrated

It's a dumb reason to hate on a musician

That's a dumb reason to hate anything really. - CloudInvasion

3 Their Singing is Mediocre

Bon scott is one of the best singers I have heard and same with brian johnson so both singers are good

4 They are a Party Band

Well some rock bands are upbeat too but that's a retarded reason to hate them

5 They Lack Any Skills

Every rock band has skills if they want to be at their best

6 They are Simple

If they are simple, but why are they said to be one of the best non american bands then?

7 All Their Songs are Boring

I have been listening to ac/dc for years and their songs never got boring to me

8 Brian Johnson is a Bad Vocalist

I think that brian is also good but bon is a bit better

He’s not bad, but Bon was awful in my opinion - NightmareCinema

9 Their Songs are Overplayed

It's because they are popular!

They really are, if I hear Back In Black one more time I’m going to jump off a cliff - NightmareCinema

10 Their Albums Got Worse

I love all of AC/DC's Albums

This is the only one that’s slightly true - judo8alex

The Contenders

11 They're Satanic

Metallica's more satanic than them. - CloudInvasion

What even... - NightmareCinema

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