Top Ten Dumbest Reasons Why People Say SpongeBob Sucks


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1 They think SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward on purpose

I don't think that SpongeBob and Patrick mean to annoy Squidward. Often, their intentions are good. The duo is innocently insensitive, but I am more upset with people demonizing the writers. (I had to say that because I just hate how people are so evil towards them, especially when you consider the fact that I follow a few of them on Twitter and one follows me back. That's like having your best friend or family member get insulted.) - Murvine_Taylor

Honestly, I Hate SpongeBob And Patrick, I mean if they are accidentally hurting squidward, Maybe THEY WOULD NOTICE THAT SQUIDWARD HATES IT, and don't get me started on the other fish... - DapperPickle

"SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes" - Puga

This list is dumb.

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2 They think it should have ended in 2004

And it should've. Undeniably. - Puga

Though most people think new SpongeBob sucks, there are still a few good episodes
Sand castles in the sand
Planktons pet
House fancy (despite the toenail scene)
Krusty towers
The best day ever
Planet of the jellyfish
It came from goo lagoon

It don't matter about the toenail scene, House Fancy is so boring! - sryanbruen

It should've ended after Season 1. None of this One Coarse Meal, Toenail, A Pal For Gary.

SpongeBob is one of the stupidest cartoons made in the late 90s. It had funny bits like the jellyfish, fun song, and Plankton.

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3 They simply don't like new things

People judge new SpongeBob on just a few episodes. Whenever somebody says that they don't like modern SpongeBob, they always just mention One Coarse Meal. - RalphBob

People who don't like the new SpongeBob aren't true SpongeBob fans. - cosmo

We do like SpongeBob. We just don't like seeing infected splinters or characters trying to drive each other to suicide on our favorite show.

Everone hates mosern spongebob because a phew bad episodes so they start hateing on it

4 They don't like SpongeBob's voice

His voice isn't bad.

That's coming from a grown man who plays Minecraft.

Mainly because SpongeBobs new voice truly is annoying. - Minecraftcrazy530

Then you are going to hate mine because I my voice is high pitched like post-movie SpongeBob's, you know, when I squeal over cute and adorable kitties. - Murvine_Taylor

5 They don't like the character designs

Well, I Do Think They Put WAY Too Much Wrinkles On One-Time Characters. - DapperPickle

Yea just like in season 7

American cartoons did go crap in the 90s.

Yeah I do.

6 They just want SpongeBob to die

Sounds like Mrs. Puff in Demolition Doofus, but I'm more upset with the post-movie haters wanting the writers to die. - Murvine_Taylor


7 They think Patrick is a jerk

Patrick IS a jerk. He becomes a prick to SpongeBob and gets what he wants. The world does not revolve around him.

He's stupid. That's what he always was. Some things he does is what makes you think that he's a jerk, but he is really just being stupid. Stuck in the Wringer and Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom for two hopefully obvious examples. - Jasmine21064

He kind of is.

Pet Sitter Pat
Stuck in the Wringer
The Card
Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom
I'm With Stupid
The Googly Artiste
Karate Star
Yours Mine and Mine
Pat No Pay
Oral Report... - Puga

8 They don't like the writers

They don't just dislike them, they HATE them. On Twitter, people were harassing Casey Alexander. It makes me so furious when people tell the writers to burn in hell, etc. It's fine if they hate the New SpongeBob, but wanting the writers dead or tortured is harsh. - Murvine_Taylor

I don't like some of the writers like Zeus Cervas but I still watch the show - Joansb

How could anyone like Zeus Cervas? - Puga

Zeus Cervas sucks. He wrote the worst episode. One Coarse meal. - Goatworlds

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9 They think the world is out to get Squidward
10 They think Squidward and Gary are the only likeable characters

Well, now that's not true. Plankton? - Puga

I like all the characters in the show.

The Only Characters We Like Are The Abused Ones:
Squidward and
Gary - DapperPickle

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11 They've only seen the newer episodes

I've seen it when it started, and it was stupid but watchable but I wouldn't watch it nowadays.


12 They think SpongeBob is ugly

Honestly hate videos on youtube that make spongebib stupid and evil and most think he is ugly by makeing him look ugly he is actually kinda cute and normal for his self

13 They have overly high expectations and complain that the show isn't as good as its predecessor, Rocko's Modern Life
14 They think Squidward is the one who tortures SpongeBob and Patrick

There actually are some who think this, but it's the other way around. - Goatworlds

Squidward does occasionally torture Spongebob and/or Patrick. And that's ALWAYS on purpose!

You people are liars.

15 They say it is for babies
16 They say kids only like it because it's Spongebob not because of episodes, movies.
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1. They think SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward on purpose
2. They simply don't like new things
3. They think it should have ended in 2004
1. They think SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward on purpose
2. They simply don't like new things
3. They don't like SpongeBob's voice


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