If you saw a painting you would know that a painter painted it. You'd never believe that the colors randomly ordered themselves - even if it took millions of years. If we found buildings on the far side of the moon we would try to understand who built them and why not find natural explanations for how they got there. My point? Life and of its interdependent complexity is infinity more complex than a painting and life is billions of times less likely to exist than structures on the moon, at least with the levels of sophistication on earth, and the only reason with the explanatory scope is not a natural explanation but supernatural: God. Evolution as an explation for the origin of life is wholly inadequate. God as described by Christianity; beyond space and time and eternal, powerful, loving and personal explains reality perfectly and reasonably.

Muslims aren't racist and they respect all the religions, for me, I'm Muslim & proud, my best friend is a Christian, it's my pleasure to know people from different places & religions. I only know that the most racist people are Americans, but it doesn't mean that Christians are racist, of course, not all of the Americans are racist, I'm German and I see Islam as the most fair religion, I always ask god of anything I want and I can have it, it's about belief! I respect all religions but Islam is the real religion. Some people think that Muslims are cruel because of isis, but it's not true, Isis destroy Muslims and they call their selves Muslims to spread lies to the world and most of them have no religion, so be careful.!

Personally, I'm not religious, but I think it's wrong to judge people like that. It's like with sharks, a few sharks kill people, and we judge all sharks for the actions of the few. You should be able to live how you want, don't judge people!

I feel obligated in a way to say Christianity, mostly because I get the most heat from these people once they find out what I am. Oddly enough, my religion is closer to the top spot. I'm stunned at the sheer ignorance I am witnessing. I came across a strict Christian just today, and immediately they started griping about Satanism and how "they are nothing more than animals undeserving of the world around them." Mind, this is someone I've known for years, who doesn't know that I'm a Satanist. It seems we get attacked for no logical reason these days, and with absolute disregard. I feel inclined to direct people to the nearest Wikipedia page on the subject, or better yet read some of Anton LaVey's works. Aside from that, I don't have a problem with Christianity.

Okay, so... don't mean to be rude, but I just want to ask this question, why do you Christians always compare Jesus' teachings and stuff with other religions and try to prove those religions wrong? Come on, this is just stupid.. You all got Jesus, Muslims got Allah, Hindus got Krishna. Buddhists got Siddartha Gautama. But do they compare them with Christanity? No. If they did, they will prove Christanity wrong through their God's teachings just like you all do. Stop comparing Jesus' teachings with other religions. We do respect him, but, we respect our God's too. We've learnt from their teachings, we can compare them with Christanity too. Vishnu has saved the world ten times (once as Krishna), and he will again when there is evil around. Man, I guess you should yourselves once read Krishna's teachings and compare them with your religion. I know its not wrong, but why do you have to compare Jesus' teachings with other religions, they've got their own Gods to believe in, why would they ...more

As an Atheist I find the stories from the bible are very unbelievable, and studies have proven Christians to be one of the stupidest groups of people. The Christian bible also portrays their god as extremely forgiving, yet if you don't believe in him you will go to hell (despite there being little evidence for his existence). Not to mention that I have no control over what Adam and Eve supposedly did, so I should not be punished for their sin (also God created Adam and Eve, they sinned BECAUSE of him). Finally, how can an omnipotent being make mistakes?

Christians believe anything that's written in some old book. They'll quote the old book when they have no proof of anything and the book's seriously outdated views have lead Christians to have beliefs that make no sense and should be left in the past, such as the belief that homosexuality is wrong. What they seem not to understand is that they're not scaring anyone who doesn't believe in "god" by saying the person will go to "hell". They are also ALWAYS pushing their views on others who didn't ask for them and are just downright annoying and dumb.

Christianity was a really bad religion. I wonder what Jesus did by coming to Earth. These Christians covert other religions' people to their religion to make Christianity Popular. So stupid! This is what Jesus taught them? They also did the slave trade etc. Eating almost every animal they think healthy. Didn't Jesus teach that we should not harm other animals? But today, Christians eat most of the animals. This is what Jesus taught? I would not like to say anything, as its just a waste of my time. But what I told is true as you know.

Christians aren't bad people until you say something that they don't believe in. That is when they start ignoring logic and tell you you're going to hell. They are very close minded people who refuse to listen when you try to talk to them. I have Christian friends and I'll admit, they can be ignorant. I like them but they can be too closed minded. I don't want to be rude but I really do think that my atheist friends are smarter than my Christian friends. Which could be why they, like myself, left the church.

I don't follow any religion or I don't follow God but I don't even judge people by their religion. I was born Hindu but later I realised that people have actually gone berserk over religion... Earth is not stable due to the differentiation between people on basis of their religion.. For a peaceful Living and a better Planet people should believe in themselves have respect for others and respect themselves!

Christianity at its heart is actually fine. What makes Christianity bad is modern-day interpretations, especially from (no offense) the American Deep South, like the hating of gays even though Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. The New Testament is fundamentally a peaceful book. The Qur'an is fundamentally a violent book. That is the main reason Christians do not go around flying planes into buildings. Christianity, done properly as stipulated in the Bible, is a peaceful religion. The first Christians were harmless hippies.

I am a true Christian not an exclusive Christian I believe in my religion and follow this saying in the BIBLE:love one another as I have loved you.i don't focus on peoples religion I think we should all respect each other for who we are not in what we agree or disagree with it's the one thing drawing humanity apart it needs to stop

Christianity is the best religion ever it may be weird but constantly in the holy bible God tells people not to be scared of him. God only kills people who are evil like Isis. Think of it like this if the pilgrims who came to America were Muslim then this whole country would be Isis fans. God would be very sad and not like the world. That is why Christianity balances the world.

As a Christian, I really hate how people chew me out for being Catholic. I respect other people's religions, and don't try to cram mine down their throat. Not all Christians are crazy nutjobs. Some are... but trust me, they probably have no clue what the hell the concepts of Christianity is.

Heck, the religion itself is fine. The followers... half are sensible. To non-Christians: Please don't let the other half damage the view of our religion.

Christianity is so similar to Islam and yet I don't see Christianity first on the list why is it that people hate Muslims so much but respect Christians it's just the jealousy of being on top and the stupid media wants everyone to have terrible hatred towards Muslims it's mean, stupid rude and ridiculous I mean come on people aren't u all old enough to realise that there is a difference between terrorist and Muslims so go get your facts right media how can we ever trust all the lieing that goes on in the media? Go get a life people and grow up!

You know, Bin Laden wasn't the only Muslim who acted like that! What other religion has the most terrorists? Oh right! Islam! Everyday terrorists make Israel's life hell! So don't try and act like it was only Bin Laden because it so isn't!

Christianity isn't really even a religion. It's about the GRACE of JESUS CHRIST the ALMIGHTY, RISEN SAVIOR of the world. God himself bled and died for you and is waiting for you to accept His gift of eternal life. It's about LOVE.

I was born christian and was taught all this crap, but when I was around 15 I started questioning it and ended up irreligious. Religion is a waste of time, space and only causes stagnation on the evolution of humankind. If it wasn't for it, we'd be mining Pluto for resources for hundreds of years now.

I believe in god and jesus, but I'm not like super Christian like some people. I believe in evolution and the big bang and I don't think if you do a little thing wrong your going to hell. Actually I don't believe in hell at all really I think that if you were a bad person, you have to go through life again to get into heaven. - SammySpore

How can you possibly believe in evolution. You actually think that we evolved from monkeys walk around with their fingers in their but holes. When you start seeing people doing that, walking around with this fingers in their but holes IN PUBLIC. You let me know maybe I will start believing in evolution. But not until then. - JamiePrice

Ok this entire Thread is racist and full of atheists who do nothing all day but comment on YouTube about how much Religion is dumb. What if I made a negative list about something you like.

This entire thread is sacrilegious, also I'm surprised Atheism isn't on this list because if it was it would be at Number 1

Personally I think people of all religions are very respectful and it must be nice to have faith in something. As a non religious person, christians seem to be the only ones who try to force their religion onto me. Now it's not nessecarily the religion I get mad at, but the people in it. I have people constantly try and make me a believer and I'm tired of hearing "god made you perfect". Because nobody in this world is perfect. So yeah.

Many people say that ISIS represent Muslims. But if that's the case then the KKK represents Christians even though we all know that isn't true. So run that through your head before criticizing Muslims for being terrorists.

Christianity is B.S. that is the short version. the long version:The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. does it still seem legit to you now?

It is impossible for a human to be able to comprehend the possibilities of God. It is a known fact that mortals are unable to comprehend the simplicity of the word infinite. God is infinite. Those who do not believe in the Lord do not have faith. They need child like faith. The average adult would have a few questions before he jumps out of a plain when there going parachuting. A child would not worry about it. The child would go right ahead and jump out even if he/she was scared. Do you really believe that when you die that your body just turns back to dirt? If your life ends up being nothing them why should we care about anything? If we turn back to dirt once we die then why should we care about our lives in the present? Why should we care about nature or society? It's all going back to dirt. But what if when you die you where judged? Where you could go to this glorious, wonderful, unspeakably wonderful place called heaven? Would life be worth living if you know if you work hard ...more

It doesn't make sense: if you don't believe in God which you can't tell if it exists, you will forever be in hell. Christianity says there is no science, that God created everything and does everything. Why are there not so many scientists from the medieval age? Because Christianity stops science from development. That's why Christianity is dumb

There a plenty of Christians that I am 100% sure are smarter then you. I actually have heard about this incredible respected scientist. He was an atheist and didn't believe in God or Jesus. One day though, He found minerals, I think it was, and the was able to trace the minerals back to a great flood. If you still don't understand it, there was once a biblical story about God telling a man that there was going to be a flood that would wipe out the earth and God wanted him to build a boat and put his family in it. God created the rainbow to remind people of his promise that he would never flood the earth again. I believe that the scientist got saved before he died. If a scientist can prove there is a god that created the Earth, then who are you to disprove it?

Why are there so many dislikes on this atheist's post? He/she actually has a very good point. Stupid Christians don't want to accept the facts.

Christianity the only religion that explicitly states that if you don't believe in it you are going to hell. Name one other religion that uses fear tactics to gain followers! Most Christians don't even believe half the nonsense the religion preaches, they are just too afraid of going to hell to form their own opinion.